Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro vs Plus: Which is better?

Wondering which Ring Floodlight Cam is the real deal for your home security? You’re in good hands. In this face-off of Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro vs Plus, we’re diving headfirst into the nitty-gritty to help you make the smartest choice.

Are you tired of those late-night false alarms, or maybe you’re itching for a clearer view of your property?

Well, my friend, we’re about to clear the fog and shed some light on these cameras’ features, so you can kiss those security headaches goodbye.

Let’s get to it and find out which one of these stellar devices has your back, the Ring Floodlight Plus vs Pro.

Ring Floodlight Pro vs Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus Specs


Ring Floodlight Pro vs Plus – Detailed Analysis

Now, the Ring floodlight pro vs Ring floodlight cam wired plus specs showed that there aren’t many differences and that these floodlight cams are almost identical.

Both floodlight cams offer a motion detection range of about 40 feet with instant motion alerts to your smartphone. Calculated at 3.33 seconds for both cameras with moderate motion settings.

Please note that there’s a one-minute cool-off period for both cameras. This means once a motion alert is sent to your smartphone, the cameras will wait for 1 minute before detecting any other motion events that may occur.

Both floodlight cams offer a 6-second pre-roll feature which is a really important feature. The cameras start recording 6 seconds prior to any motion alert. So you know what happened leading up to the motion.

We wouldn’t be going over the similarities of these devices and instead double down on the key differences that set these floodlight cams apart.

Let’s see if Ring is able to justify the discrepancy in the price points on these two floodlight cams.

Key Differences

  • Video Quality: The Floodlight Pro utilizes a different type of sensor and offers HDR. There’s a noticeable difference in the footage/image quality with the Pro. The colors are more vibrant and crisp in nature compared to Floodlight Plus.
ring floodlight pro vs plus camera quality
  • Range: The Floodlight Pro offers a better range when it comes to capturing license plates of moving or nearby cars. Measuring at 20 feet with readable image quality. While Floodlight Plus offers readability level clarity for 12-15 feet.
  • Color Night Vision: The Floodlight Plus does a surprisingly better job at illuminating the scene as soon as motion is detected. To the point where the intruder would be blinded by the lights. It also has decent nighttime video quality with floodlights turned on.

The Floodlight Pro on the other hand isn’t obnoxiously bright. It has a dimmer floodlight but still provides clear nighttime visuals with color night vision.

  • Night Vision: The night vision on the Floodlight Pro takes the edge here with natural-looking night vision footage with clear visuals. Compared to the Floodlight Plus, it makes the subject look like a cartoonish ghost with a little too much infrared intensity.
  • 3D Motion Detection: Don’t be misled by this feature expecting motion detection to be significantly more accurate than that of the Floodlight Plus.

Ring has promoted 3D motion detection on the Floodlight Cam Pro and Ring Doorbell Pro 2 compared to other Ring doorbells.

When it comes to doorbells, the accuracy is noticeable. However, not so much on the Floodlight Cam Pro.

  • Audio: The audio for two-way talk coming out from the floodlight cam’s speakers has a notable difference. The audio on the Floodlight Pro is clearer and louder compared to the muffled audio on the Floodlight Plus.


Ring Floodlight Pro vs Plus – Frequently Asked Questions


How to reset Ring floodlight cam?

In order to reset your Ring Floodlight Cam, simply press and release a small button on top of the camera. The bottom light will start flashing, that’s how you know it’s now in setup mode.

How bright is the Ring floodlight cam?

The Floodlight Plus model is brighter than the Floodlight Pro despite the fact that they both are 2000 lumen. The Plus is significantly brighter. Could practically flashbang the intruder.

Does Ring camera light up when live view is active?

No, the camera doesn’t light up during live view unless motion is triggered or you turn the lights on manually from the Ring app.

How does Ring birds eye view work?

The bird’s eye view gives you an aerial image that tracks the path of visitors in the form of dots during motion events recorded by the camera.

What is Ring 3d motion detection?

The 3D motion detection operates on radar technology and is the perfect example of a radar speed gun used to catch the speed of cars.

Here’s how it works: A microwave wave flushes out constantly when this feature is enabled. when something moves closer or farther from the receiver, it makes the reflected microwaves change a little, triggering the motion alert.

Final Thoughts

In the comparison of Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro vs. Plus, we’ve shed more light on their differences than similarities.

The decision comes down to what you prioritize in a security camera. Motion detection is on par, with both covering about 40 feet and having a one-minute cool-off period after an alert. They also share the handy 6-second pre-roll feature.

Now, where they differ. The Floodlight Pro offers better video quality with more vibrant colors, while the Plus is no slouch either.

In terms of range, the Pro can capture details like license plates at 20 feet, while the Plus is good for 12-15 feet.

In a nighttime face-off, the Plus blinds intruders with its super bright lights, while the Pro has a more subdued but still clear illumination.

So, what’s the bottom line? It depends on your priorities and budget. Both offer solid security, so choose the one that fits your needs best. You can’t go wrong with either.

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