6 Best Ring Doorbell Chime Options in 2023

Welcome to the world of Ring doorbell chime where we’ll explore some top-of-the-line solutions that will alleviate any front-door-related worries or annoyances that you may have.

First off, there’s the “Where’s Waldo” situation – you know, when you’re elbows deep in the laundry or caught up in a TV show, and you miss the doorbell’s feeble “ding.”

And speaking of TV shows, how many times have you tried to convince the delivery guy that you were home, but they left your package in Narnia because you didn’t hear the doorbell?

Let’s not forget the classic “Did someone knock or was it just my imagination?” moment. You tiptoe to the door, only to find no one there.

This is why you need a chime for your best ring doorbell that’ll play your favorite tunes (or subtle chimes if you’re feeling fancy) when someone’s at your door.

No more missed packages, secret deliveries, or surprise visitors catching you off guard. Consider all these pain points chime-d away!

So let’s not beat around the bush any longer and dive head-first into these amazing Ring doorbell chime options on the market!

Heads Up: No surface level browsing here. Our goal is to dissect every nook and cranny of these Ring chimes so you can make an informed decision when investing in the best Ring doorbell chime.

Best Ring Doorbell Chime Options – Detailed Analysis

Your door is about to get a major upgrade! Bid farewell to doorbell dilemmas and say hello to the:

#1 Top Performing Ring Doorbell Chime on the Market Today!

1. Ring Chime Pro – Best Chime for Ring Doorbell

chime for ring doorbell



Key Takeaways: Let’s break down the scoop on the Ring Chime Pro – that cool gadget for your Ring doorbell. It’s not glued to one spot – you can plug it in wherever you need to hear that doorbell jingle.

Here comes the bonus round! This chime isn’t just about sound – it’s also a Wifi booster for your other Ring gadgets & accessories. So if you’re tired of the ‘loading’ wheel, this Pro version works some signal magic.

But here’s the kicker. If you ever get stuck in Wifi limbo, Ring’s customer service steps in, guiding you out of the maze.

If you’re in the basement, garden, or even out exploring, no worries. This chime just plugs into an outlet, making it your portable doorbell companion.

And it’s not just brains – this Ring doorbell chime rocks a simple design and is a breeze of a setup. This thing is a multi-tasker. Want a nightlight for that extra sense of security? You got it.

You’re in control. You can pick your favorite chime sound, set the volume to your liking, and even hit the snooze button on alerts – all from your phone using the Ring app.


Alright, let’s dive into the goodness of Ring Chime Pro – your doorbell’s best friend. This thing is a triple threat, seriously.

  • Triple Threat

First up, it’s a Wi-Fi whiz, extending your signal up to a whopping 2000 sq. ft. Imagine having super-strong Wi-Fi all around for your Ring cameras and doorbells – no more dead zones.

  • Personal Notifier

It’s like your personal notifier. When your Ring cameras or doorbells spot action, you’ll know instantly. And when someone’s at the door? Ding-dong, loud and clear.

  • Setup & Nightlight Convenience

Setting it up is literally plug n play. Just plug it into a regular outlet, connect to Wi-Fi, and boom – you’re in business.

Oh, and don’t forget the built-in nightlight. It’s like a little guardian angel lighting your path when you need it.

  • Customization & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Here’s the real kicker – customization. Pick your favorite tone, set the volume just right, and if you need a break from the action, hit snooze – all from the Ring app on your phone.

In terms of connectivity, it’s got you covered with both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi options – no tech knowledge required, promise.

Reasons to Buy

1. Sound the Alarm
  • So, imagine this, you plug in the Chime Pro, and suddenly, you’re not tied to one spot for doorbell sounds.
  • Move it around, and you won’t miss anyone at the door – even if you’re in the backyard or basement.
2. Wi-Fi Boost
  • Ever had Wi-Fi troubles with your Ring gadgets? This chime for ring doorbell fixes that.
  • It’s like a Wi-Fi booster that helps your cameras and doorbells get a stronger signal. No more buffering or weird connection issues.
  • Got a brick house that’s playing hide and seek with signals? Chime Pro’s your secret weapon. No more missed notifications, and it’s way cheaper than a full-on Wi-Fi overhaul.
3. Chime Customization
  • You can change the chime sounds to fit your style – keep it classic or mix it up. Even the basic sound is pretty classy, though.
  • Chime Pro’s got a range of chime sounds – pick your jam and let it ring out.
4. Easier Setup, Stronger Connection
  • Seriously, it’s as easy as plug and play. If you’ve set up the Ring app, you’re golden. Plus, it gets firmware updates automatically, so no tech headaches.
  • Got an old-school doorbell? No worries, the Chime Pro buddies up with it like they’re old pals.
5. Cover More Ground
  • Got a big place? No problem. Two Chime Pros can team up to keep your Ring gear connected and strong.
6. Cloudy Days
7. Ring Support
  • If you need help, Ring’s got your back. Their support team is like your personal tech squad, ready to tackle any hitches.
8. Even Better Than a Hallway Light
  • Guess what? Chime Pro moonlights as a hallway light – talk about multi-talented!
9. Silent Yet Mighty
  • Don’t want all the extra fuss? No problem. You can turn off the nightlight, chime alerts, and that little blue status light.
10. Hear for the Hard of Hearing
  • Even if you’re not eagle-eared, Chime Pro’s got you covered. It’s perfect for those who can’t always rely on their phone notifications.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Nightlight That Won’t Sleep
  • The Chime Pro’s nightlight seems to have missed the memo about bedtime. It stays on 24/7, which might not be ideal if you’re looking for some darkness at night.
2. Temperature Troubles
  • Don’t be surprised if the Chime Pro feels a bit warm to the touch. It’s not scorching, but this might be something to keep in mind when deciding where to place it.
3. Signal Sensitivity Shuffle
  • Finding the sweet spot for Chime Pro can be a bit like playing musical chairs with your Wifi signal. It might take a few tries to get the optimal location.
4. Motion Sensing Slip-Up
  • We have noticed that boosting signals with the Chime Pro can sometimes lead to a drop in motion sensitivity. This means your motion alerts might not be as sharp as you’d like.
  • Though it’s a setback, it’s still not a deal-breaker, especially at this price point.
5. Limited Chime Tunes
  • While Chime Pro offers a variety of chime sounds, the selection might leave you wanting more options to customize your alerts.


2. Ring Chime – Best Runner-up Chime Box

ring doorbell chime



Key Takeaways: The best alternative to Ring Chime Pro is Ring Chime, the unsung hero of your Ring camera and for installing a Ring doorbell.

Imagine being in the loop with real-time notifications whenever your cameras detect motion or someone rings your doorbell. It’s like having a personal alert system that covers your back.

And here’s the cool part, whether it’s a subtle ping or a full-on chime, you’re in control. This chime for Ring doorbell is all about options.

Switch up the ringtone based on the season or your mood – it’s like giving your doorbell its own soundtrack. And guess what? You can even hit the snooze button on the chime during your scheduled quiet times.

No more noisy interruptions when you’re in the zone. Installation? A breeze. Just plug it into an outlet, connect to Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go.

No rocket science here. Plus, if you’ve got a larger home where the doorbell’s melody tends to get lost in the wind, the Ring Chime is your solution.

Pop it in a central spot, crank up the volume, and suddenly, you’re hearing that doorbell ring like never before.

It’s the missing piece to your Ring puzzle, a pocket-friendly addition that brings more awareness, more style, and more control to your doorstep.


Alright, let’s dive into the tech specs of the Ring Chime – your gateway to staying in the loop with your Ring cameras and doorbells.

  • Personal Messenger

Imagine this: you’re at home, your camera spots movement or the doorbell chimes, and bam – Chime springs into action.

It’s like your personal messenger, delivering real-time alerts. Whether someone’s at the door or there’s motion detected, Chime’s got your back.

  • Setup

Setting it up? Plug it into a regular outlet, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and you’re golden. No rocket science is involved.

  • Customizations

Ever wanted to switch things up? Well, Chime’s got a variety of chime tones for your mood. Feeling a bit festive? Go for a cheerful jingle.

And if you’re binge-watching your favorite show, just hit snooze to silence the notifications for a bit.

  • Wi-Fi Booster & Ring App Convenience

Chime acts as a bridge between your Ring gadgets and your Wi-Fi, boosting the signal up to 2000 sq. ft. That means you can put your cameras and doorbells in more places without losing that Wi-Fi connection.

And all of this? Controlled right from the Ring app. Adjust volumes, snooze alerts, pick your tune, it’s all there.

  • Compatibility

Oh, and did I mention that it’s compatible with both Ring cameras and doorbells?

So, if you’re all about hassle-free setup, customizable sounds, and staying effortlessly connected, Ring Chime is your backstage pass for that!

Reasons to Buy

1. Audible Alerts at Your Fingertips
  • Get notified audibly whenever someone’s at your door, no matter where you are in your home. The Ring Chime ensures you’re in the loop, even if your phone isn’t nearby.
2. Simple Setup
  • The Ring Chime sets up in a breeze, taking less than 5 minutes to sync seamlessly with your Ring doorbell camera.
3. Variety of Vibes
  • Customize your experience with a selection of delightful chimes. Choose the sound that resonates with you and matches your style.
4. Flexible Volume Control
  • Whether you prefer a gentle ding or a bold ring, the Chime’s adjustable volume lets you tailor the alert to your liking.
5. Instant Response
  • The Ring Chime’s lightning-fast reaction time ensures you won’t miss a beat. Experience minimal delays and stay in sync with your doorbell’s activity.
6. Boost for the Hearing-Impaired
  • Elevate inclusivity with a solution for those who might have difficulty hearing the doorbell. The Chime’s audible alerts bridge the gap and keep everyone in the know.
7. Enhanced Security
  • Feel safer knowing that Chime announces visitors, even before they ring the doorbell. No more missed package deliveries or surprise guests.
8. Sleek Design, Effortless Integration
  • The Chime effortlessly blends into your home decor, adding a touch of modernity. Its compact size ensures it fits snugly in any room.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Connection Quirks
  • While installation and configuration are a breeze, Chime’s connection can be finicky. Placing it too far from your router might lead to frequent disconnections, requiring manual reconnection.
2. Limited Audibility Range
  • The Chime’s sound quality is sufficient for most scenarios, but it might struggle to cut through the noise in bustling environments or larger homes, leaving you straining to hear the alerts.
3. Price Considerations
  • The Chime’s cost might raise an eyebrow. While a valuable addition for many, its price tag might feel steep, especially if you’re on a tight budget.
4. Volume Quality
  • While the Chime delivers decent audio quality at lower volumes, cranking it up might lead to distortion. If you’re seeking crystal-clear sound at higher volumes, the Chime might leave you wanting.
5. Limited Tones
  • While the Ring doorbell chime offers multiple chime sound options, the variety might not satisfy everyone’s preferences. If you’re looking for a broader array or the ability to choose custom tones, you might find the options lacking.
6. Audible Range Limits
  • Despite its wireless design, the Chime might not effectively reach every corner of your space. If you’re living in a larger area or multi-story home, you could discover audibility gaps.
7. Night Light Niche
  • While the Chime Pro version boasts a night light, the standard Chime doesn’t offer this feature.


3. Ring Chime – Video Doorbell Chime

video doorbell chime



Key Takeaways: Alright, let’s break down the Ring Chime key takeaways. So you’ve got your Ring setup, but you want notifications everywhere, not just in one room. That’s where the Ring doorbell chime comes into play.

Set up? Piece of cake. Open the app, scan a code, follow the directions, and bam – you’re in business. Want to change the chime sound? No problem, pick a ringtone that fits your vibe.

The Ring chime works with your Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Pro, and Stick Up Cam. Plug it into any regular outlet, and voila – you’re getting alerts all around your home.

Oh, and if you had a rough time connecting it to Wi-Fi, don’t sweat it. A quick reset, a little reconnection procedure, and you’re good to go.

And guess what? It’s not just a one-time thing. Chime’s sturdy and reliable, built to last through the ups and downs of daily life. If you’re in an apartment, one Chime is probably all you need – it’s loud enough to reach every nook and cranny.


Time to dive into the specifications of the Ring Chime – the ultimate companion for your Ring devices just like the Ring Chime Box & Ring Chime Pro.

  • Dedicated Notification Hub

Here’s the deal, you’ve got a regular power outlet, right? Plug that Chime in and you’re set to receive instant alerts throughout your home. It’s like having a dedicated notification hub in every room.

  • Setup & Compatibility

Setting it up is easy. Plug it in, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and link it to your Ring devices. No complicated procedures, it’s plug and play!

It’s compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Pro, and Stick Up Cam. If you’ve got any of those, the Chime’s got your back.

  • Personalized Ring App Control

Oh, and let’s talk volume control. Adjust it directly from the Ring app, whether you’re in the mood for a subtle ding or a full-on chime symphony, you’re in control.

  • Do Not Disturb!

If you’re enjoying some downtime, and you need some peace and quiet. No worries just hit the “Do not Disturb” mode and silence those alerts without a hitch. And guess what? It’s all powered by your regular 110-240 VAC.

The Ring doorbell chime is all about simplicity, convenience, and staying connected.

Reasons to Buy

1. Sound Simplicity
  • The Chime’s effortless setup ensures that you’re not tangled up in complex installation processes. Sync it with your Ring devices in minutes.
  • You know age isn’t a thing when Ring’s involved. Even tech-savvy grandmas can set it up. Plus, it’s a win-win if you’re not so into changing batteries.
2. Versatile Placement
  • Stick it anywhere in your house. Wanna hear that doorbell melody in your man cave or bedroom? No problem.
3. Mood-Boosting
  • Sick of the same old ding-dong? Switch up your ringtone to match your mood. Classic chimes or funky sounds, you decide.
4. No More Missed Visitors
  • Even if your phone’s chilling across the room, Chime’s got your back. You won’t miss anyone at the door.
5. Looks Good, Blends In
  • It won’t cramp your style. The sleek design fits right in with your digs.
6. Instant Alerts
  • Worried about interruptions? The Chime ensures you never miss a visitor. Even if your phone isn’t at arm’s reach, its Wi-Fi enabled speaker ensures you catch every ring.
7. Steady Power
  • Opting for the Chime eliminates power quality concerns. With a direct connection to Wifi your Ring’s power stays consistent, ensuring reliability.
8. Not Just a Doorbell Thing
  • The Chime isn’t just about doorbells. It extends its audible reach to motion alerts, so you’re always in the know when something’s happening around your home.
9. DJ Your Alerts
  • You’re in control. Customize the tones for button pushes or motion, whatever floats your boat.
10. Stay in Sync
  • Worried about juggling between apps and Wi-Fi networks during setup? The Chime seamlessly syncs with your Ring devices, streamlining the whole process.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Wiring
  • If you’re going the hard-wired route, be cautious. Over-tightening those wires during installation might lead to an early goodbye for your doorbell.
2. Helpline Hustle
  • The helpline’s there to help but brace yourself for a bit of back and forth. Different support reps might offer you varying bits of info, making it a bit of a puzzle to put together.
3. Missing Melodies
  • You’ve got options, but maybe not as many as you’d like. Chime’s ringtone selection might leave you wanting more variety.
4. Batteries, Anyone?
  • Chime’s great, but remember it’s yet another device that needs power. If you’re not a fan of swapping out batteries or running on USB, that could be a bummer.
  • If you’re skipping the batteries, you’ll need to give Chime a USB charge every couple of months. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s a chore.
5. Firmware
  • Be patient! After setting up your Chime, it’s good to let it do its thing and upgrade its firmware. Hands off for a while.
6. Wi-Fi Whispers
  • If your Wi-Fi isn’t playing nice, Chime might struggle to communicate. So, make sure your connection’s solid to avoid any awkward silences.
7. Chime Choices
  • We found that Chime’s speaker could get a bit wonky with certain sounds. Not everyone’s cup of tea.


  • That little blue light that’s supposed to show setup mode? Yeah, it’s kind of dim. Trying to figure out its status can feel like a guessing game.
9. Volume Issues
  • If you’ve got a big pad or a noisy house, Chime’s ring tones might not cut through the chaos. Some wished it had a bit more volume punch.


4. Broan-NuTone Ring Doorbell Chime

chime for ring doorbell



Key Takeaways: This chime’s got you covered with only two chimes. One chime sings a two-note tune for your front door, while the other brings in a one-note melody for the back or second door.

You know that satisfying feeling when things just click into place? That’s exactly what happens with this chime. It’s super easy to install – no fancy maneuvers required.

Plus, it’s designed to fit right where your old doorbell was like it was destined to be there. And here’s the real game-changer: those buttons. Not just one, but two lighted buttons.

With Broan’s chime, you can differentiate between your front and back doors with just a listen.

And don’t worry about getting those wires connected, it’s a breeze with this chime. The wires slip into the connectors with ease, saving you from the wire-wrestling match of old doorbells.


  • Dual Chime Convenience

So imagine you’re hosting guests, and they’re coming from both the front and the back doors.

No more guessing which door’s getting the action, because this chime’s got your back with not one, but two different chimes, a two-note tune for the front door and a one-note melody for the back.

  • Classic & Wired

And get this, it’s got that classic vibe with a white textured look that goes with any setup. No more fussing with batteries either. It’s all wired up to a 16V transformer, so no battery drama to worry about.

Oh, and here’s the kicker – if you’re working on a bunch of projects, you can go big and order a pack of 24. Easy planning and smart budgeting.

Reasons to Buy

1. Seamless Installation
  • Installing this chime is a breeze. The holes align perfectly with the old doorbell spots, saving you time and effort.
2. All in One
  • This kit comes packed with everything you need – the new chime unit, two lighted buttons, and even a transformer.
3. Wire-Friendly Design
  • Connecting wires to this chime is a cinch, and it’s easier than ever to get them into the connector. Plus, the screws are a decent size, making setup smoother.
4. Perfect Pair with Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • This kit is a match made in heaven with Ring Video Doorbell 2. The transformer and doorbell combo not only powers your Ring but also provides a hardwired bell for that satisfying ring.
5. Instant Ring Response
  • Choose the hardwired bell for that lightning-fast ring response. No more waiting for wireless delays, this bell rings right when you need it.
6. No Resistors
  • Opting for the hardwired bell means you can skip the hassle of finding a resistor.
7. Powerful Transformer
  • The included 10VA transformer works like a charm, but if you’re aiming for a unit without a battery backup, consider upgrading to a 30VA transformer.
8. Long-lasting Performance
  • This chime and transformer combo keeps performing over time. No sudden surprises, just a reliable doorbell system.
9. Vintage Charm
  • If you’re replacing an old doorbell system that’s been around for decades, this Broan-NuTone kit brings back the “old-fashioned” charm with modern convenience.
10. Clear Chime, Bright Button
  • Enjoy a crystal-clear chime sound that’s sure to catch your attention. Plus, the well-lit button ensures that even in the dark, your doorbell is impossible to miss.
11. Budget-Friendly Bonus
  • Looking for the best bang for your buck? This kit offers a wallet-friendly deal for all the essential parts.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Strange Buzz
  • The initial setup might have you puzzled if you encounter an unexpected buzzing noise. While the issue is quickly resolved with the first doorbell press, it’s an odd hiccup in an otherwise straightforward installation.
2. Delicate Design
  • The spring and striker that make the ding-dong can be a bit fragile, leading to possible issues down the line.
3. Transformer Tweak
  • You know that satisfying instant chime when someone rings the doorbell? Well, you might have to wait around 4 to 5 seconds for it with this chime.
  • This chime comes with a 10V transformer. But if you’re all about speed, you might need to cough up extra for a 30V one. That’s not exactly pocket-friendly.
4. Volume
  • If you want a chime that bellows through your pad, this one might not be your jam. It’s not exactly the loudest, especially in bigger spaces.
5. Plain Jane Look
  • Let’s talk looks. If you’re after something fancy and stylish, you might find this chime a tad bland.
6. Chunky Chime
  • Ever seen a chime box that sticks out about 2 inches from the wall? Yep, that’s this one. Not a problem if your walls are a neutral color, but it might stand out elsewhere.
7. Basic Tunes
  • If you’re a fan of chime variety, you might be bummed. This one gives you just a two-ring or one-ring tone, and that’s it.


5. Broan-NuTone LA11WH – Ring Wired Doorbell Chime

ring wired doorbell chime



Key Takeaways: This one’s a wired gem that ensures you always know which door your pals are knocking at. It’s got a neat two-note chime for the front door and a single note for the back.

No more fussing over batteries. This bad boy hooks up to a 16V transformer, so you’re set without worrying about battery swaps.

And if you’re all about easy setups, you’re in for a treat. Just a few screws and wires, and voila! You’re in business. Plus, it rocks a sleek modern look that’ll blend right into your setup.

No need to sweat the small stuff either. Even though it’s got that modern vibe, it’s built to stick around with sturdy plastic that’s built to last.

And yeah, it might sit slightly off the wall, but that’s the game with these mechanical chimes, got to make room for those sweet sounds.

Quick heads-up – make sure to check your transformer’s output before you dive in. This ring doorbell chime needs a 16V supply to do its thing.


If you’re after a no-nonsense doorbell upgrade that looks good and sounds great, the Broan Ring Doorbell Chime is where it’s at.

  • Ring Wired Doorbell Chime

It’s a doorbell that’s wired, so no fussing about batteries. It’s got a clean white look, and guess what?

This Ring wired doorbell chime got two different chimes – a friendly two-note melody for the front door, and a simple one-note tune for the back or second door.

  • Complete Package

Plus, it’s connected to a 16V transformer, so it’s always ready to ring without those battery worries. It’s just the right size for your home, measuring 2.38″ x 8.13″ x 5.5″. Oh, and there’s a nifty installation guide at the bottom of the page.

  • Essential

Now, if you’re thinking about snagging one of these, remember to grab the 16-Volt transformer (C905) – it’s sold separately, but it’s a game-changer for that smooth doorbell action.

Reasons to Buy

1. Lasting Power
  • No one wants a doorbell that quits on them. This one’s built to endure, so you won’t be left high and dry after a couple of years.
2. Fits Like a Glove
  • Swapping out your old chime? Good news, this one fits like a glove without any wiring headaches.
3. Sound Quality
  • The sound quality here is on point. Crystal clear, not too tinny, and it spreads its wings comfortably through your ranch-style home.
4. No Overkill
  • Not into doorbells that shatter your eardrums? You’re in luck. This chime finds the sweet spot between being heard and not driving you bonkers.
5. Install Breeze
  • You’ve got three wires? Perfect, that’s all you need for a simple installation. Even if you’re not a DIY whiz, you’ll handle it like a breeze.
6. Friend to Older Homes
  • If your place has some years on it, no worries. This chime’s a match for older homes with pre-wired setups.
7. Get the Whole Deal
  • Don’t settle for half the package. Grab this kit with the transformer and buttons for the full experience.
8. Old School
  • No digital trickery here. This chime’s old school, it uses “hammers” to create that classic chime sound.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Old House Wiring
  • If your house wiring’s seen a few decades, brace yourself. The manual’s diagram comes to the rescue, but be ready for some time figuring things out.
2. Not the Sleekest
  • That clean white cover isn’t as perfect as it seems. It’s got a bit of a gap at the bottom, showing off the not-so-chic black plastic frame underneath. Not the sleek look you might’ve had in mind.
3. Not a Style Star
  • If aesthetics are your jam, this chime might not play your tune. It’s more about getting the job done than being a showstopper.
4. Kind Of Flimsy
  • So, this thing’s not exactly winning awards for being super sturdy. It’s got that “handle with care” vibe.
5. Could Be Louder
  • If you’re like me and stuck it somewhere tucked away, you might wish it had a volume boost. It’s not a shout-it-from-the-rooftops kind of chime.
6. Instructions
  • You know those instruction manuals that make your eyes cross? Yep, this might be one of ’em. But fear not, you can still puzzle it out without going crazy.
7. Back to the Bulbs
  • Ready for the LED era? Well, this chime isn’t exactly ready. It’s still vibing with incandescent bulbs. Retro cool or just not-so-cool? Your call.
8. Size Surprise
  • If you thought doorbells would slim down in the tech era, well, not this one. It’s a bit chunkier than expected.


6. Heath Zenith Ring Door Chime

chime ring



Key Takeaways: First off, it’s a breeze to install – none of those headaches you get with complicated setups.

And guess what? That annoying buzz from the Ring doorbell is history. Just one thing, if you want that double chime action, you’ll need to mount it vertically.

Doorbells seem simple, but finding a good one’s been like searching for a needle in a haystack. Some are too loud, some too soft, and some just plain irritating.

And don’t get me started on those behemoth chimes that look like they’re straight from a sci-fi movie.

This one? It’s like the Goldilocks of door chimes – just right. The “ding-dong” sound is spot-on, none of that fake-sounding stuff.

Look, if you’re after a doorbell that’s all about making a statement, this might not be your jam. But if you want something that’s reliable, sounds good, and doesn’t ruin your decor vibe, this Heath Zenith Ring Door Chime’s your ticket.

Replacing that old janky doorbell with this beauty was a game-changer. No more buzzing, no more random chimes, just a good old-fashioned chime when someone’s at the door.


This isn’t your ordinary doorbell, it’s got a sleek, modern design with a classic white finish that’s ready to fit into any home setup.

  • 2 Note Melody

You’ve got a 2-Note melody that’s all fancy for your front entrance, and a simple 1-Note melody for the rear entrance. Don’t sweat about its life span, it’s got a solid 1-year warranty, so it’s in it for the long run.

The best part? This door chime is perfect whether you’re doing a fresh install or swapping out an old one.

  • Essentials

Plus, you’ve got options – mount it vertically or horizontally, whichever suits your style. And here’s the nitty-gritty: you’ll need a 16-Volt transformer (not included), some bell wire, and a wired push button to make it all tick.

So, whether you’re a DIY pro or just want a reliable door chime that’s got your back, this Heath Zenith chime is the way to go.

Reasons to Buy

1. Sleek Style
  • Sick of those chunky doorbells hogging the spotlight? This chime’s low-profile design and smooth edges make it a wallflower in all the right ways.
2. True White Shades
  • No more awkward “almost white” shades. This chime rocks that pure white look, blending effortlessly with your decor.
3. Easy Install
  • Even if you occasionally dance with wires like a confused squirrel, this setup is a breeze.
4. Ding-Dong
  • Ready for the grand entrance? The classic ding-dong sound brings a smile to your face every time someone rings. Not too loud, not too quiet, it’s just right.
5. No-Nonsense Compatibility
  • Got a Ring doorbell? No problem. This chime partners up with it like they’ve been best buds forever.
6. Tune Time
  • It’s not a concert, but it sure sounds good. A sweet two-tone melody that won’t make your ears cringe.
7. Simple & Reliable
  • No flashy frills here. Just a trustworthy buddy that’s got your back when someone’s at the door.
8. Bang for Buck
  • Not breaking the bank here. It’s like a good deal high-five that won’t hurt your wallet.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Plastic Quality
  • The plastic quality is average. Not super impressive, a bit less than expected.
2. Packaging Puzzle
  • Opening it feels like a puzzle challenge. Not the smoothest start, could use friendlier packaging.
3. Flip-Switch Confusion
  • When you mount it sideways, you get one “ding.” Flip it up, and it’s a “ding dong.” Weird, right? Not mentioned by the seller.
4. Nest Doorbell Puzzle
  • If you’re pairing it with a Nest doorbell, cover’s like, “Nope.” There’s not enough room for the electronic receiver. Not its fault, but still frustrating.
5. Middle-of-the-Road Style
  • Looks-wise, it’s not a jaw-dropper, but it’s not ugly either. Works, but not the showstopper of doorbells.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ring Doorbell Chime

What is ring chime?

You know that feeling when you’re chilling inside your home and someone’s at the door? Well, Ring Chime is here to make sure you never miss a beat.

It’s a little device you plug into a regular power outlet, and when someone rings your Ring Video Doorbell or sets off your Ring cameras, Chime goes into action.

What does a ring chime do?

So to explain what does a Ring chime do, understand this. Imagine hearing a pleasant sound that lets you know, “Hey, someone’s at the door.”

It’s like a friendly reminder that you’re connected to your home, even if you’re in another room or busy doing something else.

And guess what? You can even pick different chime sounds, so you can set the mood or match the season.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, deep dive into the world of Ring doorbell chime! We’ve explored the options, from the versatile Ring Chime Pro that extends your Wi-Fi signal and doubles as a nightlight, to the classic Ring Chime that offers simple and reliable alerts.

We’ve learned how these chimes can fit seamlessly into your smart home setup, giving you the convenience of knowing when someone’s at the door no matter where you are.

Whether you’re looking for extended Wi-Fi coverage, customizable chime sounds, or just a basic alert, there’s a Ring chime that’s got your back.

Remember, the right chime can not only enhance your home security but also add a touch of style and personality to your living space. So, pick the one that suits your needs, plug it in, and enjoy that extra layer of connection and peace of mind.

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