Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus Reviews

Looking for insights on the Ring flood camera plus? We’ve got you covered, with the following Ring floodlight cam wired plus reviews.

If you’ve been seeking a dependable outdoor security solution to bring peace of mind to your household, your search ends here.

In this comprehensive floodlight cam wired plus review, we’ll dive into why this camera is a game-changer. All the pros and cons are presented to you along with full transparency.

Let’s explore how this impressive addition to your household or Ring ecosystem is designed to keep potential threats at bay while providing you with real-time updates on your phone, tablet, Echo Show, or PC.

Floodlight Cam Wired Plus – Detailed Analysis

These nifty ring cameras with lights are arguably one of the best investments you’ll make when it comes to your home’s security.

After the ring camera comparison for indoors, we’re here to dissect every nook and cranny of this floodlight cam wired plus. The only regret you’ll have is not owning this marvel sooner.


Key Takeaways

ring flood light camera



  • Brace yourself for excellent picture quality, even at night, thanks to its impressive night vision and floodlights that illuminate the scene, as soon as the PIR motion detector goes off.
  • Setting it up is literally a breeze. For a camera system this big, novice DIY installers might feel intimidated. But with the provided instructions and just some basic knowledge, you’re golden.
  • Bright lights with flexible positioning? Check. You can also replace those regular floodlights in a snap.
  • The build quality is sturdy in my opinion. The plastic + metal combination makes it lightweight and the floodlights are a breeze to adjust, with the ability to rotate up to 180°.
  • Connecting it to the app is a walk in the park. The app allows you to remotely keep an eye on things, manually switch the lights on/off, ring the siren (that’s a legit SOS), or put the lights on a schedule. And much more!
  • No head-scratching here. The app is user-friendly and very intuitive even for first-time Ring users.
  • The microphone spits out clearly audible voice quality. So you can communicate through the cam and catch every detail when motion gets triggered with a 6-second pre-roll feature.
  • Now here’s the catch. You guessed it, a Ring subscription. For a nominal fee of $3 per month per device, you can unlock additional key benefits. Including recorded footage in the cloud, people-only mode, and rich notifications with snapshot previews.
  • You get 3 customizable motion zones that you can personalize or delete as per your preferences. Along with motion sensitivity settings that you can adjust.
  • Robust build that can withstand anything the weather throws its way.
  • The floodlights are blinding at full tilt. But no worries, you have the option to increase or dim the brightness in the Ring app.
  • It has a cool-off period of 50 seconds. This means once the motion is triggered and you receive an alert, it takes about 50 seconds to gear up for another motion activity (if any) to which you’ll be notified.
  • Instant motion alerts with a motion detection range of 40 feet. Quite impressive!
  • Easily install it under the eaves or the ceiling and the camera will have a better tilt up range.
  • The Floodlight Cam wired Plus has better video quality compared to the older Floodlight Cam. It has an fps of 24 compared to the 20 fps of Floodlight Cam Pro.
  • Another key difference between the older version and the plus model is that the older doesn’t have a brightness slider. You can adjust the brightness level of the floodlights using the slider. It’s more like adjusting the brightness of your smartphone. Very intuitive.

Ring Floodlight Camera: Specifications

  • Crisp Camera Quality + Pre-Roll Feature

The Floodlight Cam Wired Plus reviews aren’t just a regular outdoor light. It’s a 1080p HD security marvel, complete with motion-activated LED floodlights that put daylight to shame.

With a 6-second pre-roll feature that enables the floodlight cam to start recording 6 seconds prior to the motion being detected.

The video quality is crisp enough for a floodlight cam. It’s not super out of the world but gets the job done. After a distance of 30 feet, you could still see people but capturing number plates? Those could turn out pixelated.

  • The Cool-off Period + Moving Snapshot Capture

This helps in making sure you don’t miss a thing. The cool-off period is 50 seconds, which is the time it will take to detect and notify you about a second motion activity after an alert has already been sent.

The moving snapshot feature is another notable feature. Need more? How about a booming 105dB security siren that’ll send intruders packing?

  • 2-Way Talk Functionality + Audio

Plus, it’s a chatterbox too. Thanks to Two-Way Talk, you can have a chat with whoever’s lurking around.

Now, it’s not all sunshine. There’s definitely some room for improvement with the audio part of the floodlight cam.

  • Advanced Motion Detection

Get motion-activated notifications on your phone, tablet, or PC via the Ring app. With 3 customizable motion zones, you pick areas that are the top priority for the PIR sensor to monitor.

The floodlights are also motion activated and can be turned on/off manually from the app, or turn the schedule on instead.

  • Motion Alert Speed + Range

The PIR motion sensor has a range of 40 feet to detect motion instantly and send you a motion alert within 2.20 seconds of the whole event.

  • Colored Night Vision + Alexa Compatibility

And the best part? It sees in color at night, thanks to the Color Night Vision, and those floodlights make sure there are no dark corners left. The visual quality is also pretty decent in night vision, with or without the floodlights.

Alexa integration is also pretty seamless. It connects to all your Alexa-enabled devices for added convenience.

  • Ring App Features

When you’ve set the floodlight cam wired plus within the Ring app, it’s a walk in the park to start customizing this camera.

There are plenty of features you can explore and take your time with to really get a hang of this thing. The interface is very intuitive even for first-time Ring users.

Activate the siren, switch the floodlights on/off, and adjust the brightness level of the floodlights right from the app.

We recommend you take your time on the “Device Settings” tab and really go through every option fully get to know your floodlight cam wired plus and give it a personalized touch.

floodlight cam wired plus device settings

On the floodlight cam’s main app page, you can view random snapshot captures throughout the day. Along with a timelapse of motion-activated recording.

To view the actual recordings, head over to event history where all your motion-activated videos and Live View events are stored.

And if you’re feeling extra, grab the Ring Protect Plan which is the only way to save and share videos for up to 180 days. Plus unlock more important features like “People-Only Mode”, “Rich Notifications”, and “Snapshot Previews”.

Specification Chart

Video 1080p HD, Live View, Color Night Vision
Field of View Adjustable mount with 140° horizontal, 80° vertical FOV
Audio Two-audio with noise cancellation
Advanced Motion Detection
Siren Remote activated 105db siren level.
Lights Two 3000° Kelvin with 200 Lumen Floodlights.
In simpler words, it’s blinding bright.
Internet requirements Requires a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps for optimal performance
Power Requirements Hardwired (110-240V)

Downsides– Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

1. Chatterbug

  • Imagine a pool day with a constant “Hello, you’re being recorded.” Snoozing alerts? Great. Snoozing the talk? Nope. A chatterbox cam can ruin the tranquility.

2. Water Problems

  • Rain’s great, but not inside the lights. Water seepage can cause the lights to call it quits. That’s a rainy day you didn’t ask for.

3. Doggy Detection

  • Pups and umbrellas, humans in disguise? False notifications can drive you nuts sometimes.
  • This is a clever way of Ring trying to lure people into buying the subscription as it unlocks the “People-Ony Mode” that would solve this problem.

4. Tech Entertainment

  • So, a thief’s trying to break into your home. Guess what? You could end up watching it happen for hours before the SOS feature actually does its thing and help arrives.


Decision-Making Factors When Buying a Floodlight Cam

ring flood camera wired plus

1. Brightness: Think about how bright the floodlights are. You want them to light up your yard well, so go for higher lumens if you need a brighter spotlight.

2. HD or Not HD? Check the camera’s video quality. HD (high-definition) videos are clearer, which helps you see details like faces and license plates.

3. Motion Sensing: Motion detection is a big deal. Make sure it’s sensitive enough to catch any movement but also has adjustable settings to avoid false alerts.

4. Smart Alerts: Look for cameras that send instant alerts to your phone when they spot motion.

5. Two-way Talk: Check if the camera lets you talk through it. It’s handy to scare off potential trespassers or tell someone at your doorstep that you’ll be there in a sec.

6. Night Vision: Make sure the camera has night vision. This helps you see clearly even when it’s dark outside.

7. DIY Setup: Check if the camera is easy to install. You don’t want a complicated setup messing up your plans.

8. Weather Resistance: Your camera will be outdoors, so ensure it can handle different weather conditions without giving up.

9. Storage Options: Figure out where the recorded videos are stored. Some cameras offer cloud storage, while others let you save them locally.

Nonetheless, having this feature is crucial. You never know when you may need that footage from a week ago to save someone’s life.

10. Brand Trust: Floodlight cams are expensive. Especially the smart ones. So you don’t want to go around testing different brands, especially when on a budget.

Stick to well-known brands. They’re usually more reliable and have better customer support.


Final Thoughts

In the realm of home security, he Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus proves to be a standout option, as highlighted in these Ring floodlight cam wired plus reviews.

With its high-definition video quality, motion-activated alerts, and the integration of features like LED floodlights and a powerful security siren, this camera is more than just a watchful eye.

As you’ve gathered from this post, investing in this sophisticated security solution means investing in the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure.

So, whether you’re at work, on vacation, or simply in the other room, this Floodlight Cam Wired Plus ensures you’re always in the loop.

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