Wyze Thermostat Review 2023

Imagine a thermostat that does exactly what you expect it to do, offers features which are comparable if not better than higher priced units like the Nest thermostat and that too at a great price point!

It’s like getting a front-row seat to a concert for the price of a movie ticket. We at MetaDomotics bring you the Wyze thermostat review where we have covered all the important aspects you should know before jumping to conclusions.

To start off, Wyze thermostat is one of the best inexpensive smart thermostat out there with all the bells & whistles. In this blog you will learn all the ins and outs and become a seasoned expert to determine whether or not it’s a viable option for you.

Wyze thermostat packs a great punch as it fulfills the comfort and energy efficiency needs of many homeowners without breaking the bank.

It brings you impressive features, easy integration, hassle-free installation, humidifier control, and all at an affordable price.

Key Takeaways

wyze thermostat review
  • The Wyze thermostat is compatible with most low-voltage heating and cooling systems, including forced air, radiant, and heat pump systems. It supports up to 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling.
  • The thermostat provides energy usage reports, allowing you to track and analyze your energy consumption patterns.
  • It offers flexible scheduling options, allowing you to set different temperature preferences based on your daily routines. The thermostat can learn your preferences and automatically adjust the temperature for better comfort and energy efficiency.
  • You can control the thermostat remotely using the Wyze app on your smartphone or tablet. This enables you to adjust temperature settings, create schedules, and monitor energy usage from anywhere.
  • The Wyze thermostat is compatible with popular smart home automation systems like Google Assistant and Alexa. You can use voice commands to control the thermostat or integrate it with other smart devices in your home.
  • If you’re looking for a sleek and modern design this might not be it but it surely offers a utilitarian design.
  • The thermostat comes with a vibrant color touchscreen display that provides an intuitive interface similar to that of a Nest thermostat where you just rotate the dial for easy temperature adjustments and navigation through settings.
  • Although it requires a C-wire to operate but it comes with a C-wire adapter and the installation should take about 30 minutes at max.
  • Unlike other thermostats, such as Ecobee Lite, the Wyze thermostat offers control over humidifiers.
  • It does everything that most expensive thermostats do but at a super affordable price point.
  • You have the ability to lock the thermostat if you want to prevent unwanted tampering with the unit.
  • It has a plain, simple and practical design with a knob that gives a nice buttery feel when rotated. Plus the build quality of this thing is phenomenal.
  • It comes with two base-plates to be mounted on the wall. The bigger one covers any imperfections you may have on the wall when you take the old unit off.
  • DIY installation has never been more easy for novice installers who are not tech savvy.
  • Offers a bright and easy to read display with big temperature readings making it a viable option even for the visually impaired.
  • We recommend going through the installation steps in the Wyze app before buying the thermostat to ensure compatibility with the current system or refer to the product specifications section below to find out whether it’s compatible with your system or not.
  • Any negative reviews you encounter about this thermostat are from folks with outdated systems or who don’t know what they’re doing. Wyze is here to impress!
  • One-size-fits-all? Remember, Wyze isn’t a one-size-fits-all system, but it’s pretty close. Whether you have gas, gas and AC, or electric systems, the instructions will guide you in the right direction.
  • Even if you have a unique setup like the 2-wire oil boiler with radiant heat baseboards, this thermostat can still work its magic and proves it’s versatility.
  • Once you click/press on the dial, that’s when you can access the settings of your Wyze thermostat.
  • On the thermostat itself, you can change between heating and cooling in auto mode or off mode.
  • The auto switching mode allows you to set a range of temperatures for heating and cooling and it will automatically decide either heating or cooling for your HVAC system.
  • You also get fan control on the thermostat. You can have the fan run for a scheduled amount of time per hour or you can have it automatically run whenever you HVAC system turns on or you turn it on and run it for a continuous amount of time whenever you want to.
  • Offers an occupancy sensor designed to detect whether you are home or away to help you save more energy.
  • If you have a four wire system (heating, cooling, fan and power) you can still use the Wyze thermostat without the C-wire but you have to install the common wire adapter that comes with it.



What’s in the Box?

It comes with well a packaged box that includes everything you need as a DIY installer to get your nose in there.

  • The first thing is of course Mr. Wyze the thermostat itself with a sleek and minimalistic design.
  • Secondly, it offers 2 wall plates for different scenarios.

Scenario 1: If you prefer a sleek look where only the thermostat sticks to the wall without taking up any extra space, the smaller wall-plate which is the same size as the thermostat will do the job.

Scenario 2: Whereas, if you have any imperfections like the paint chipping off  from the wall when you take the old unit off, the bigger wall-plate takes care of that situation.

  • Comes with an additional C wire adapter, this part will attach on to your furnace and it has a magnet to hold it there.
does wyze thermostat require c wire
  • It also comes with a quick start guide which helps all the non-tech savvy to install the thermostat on their own.
  • They also provide sticky labels so you can mark the wires before you take off the old thermostat.
  • Comes with a bunch of screws, wall mounts and tools you would need to attach it to the wall.

The Upsides

If I had to sum it up and give you a one line answer to the benefits of Wyze thermostat, it would be that the unit performs its intended function accurately and comes with a variety of settings for customization.

The following are all the pros of the Wyze smart thermostat and the reasons why it’s the best value for money smart thermostat out there.

Custom Temperature Swing:

The Wyze smart thermostat has a customizable temperature swing, allowing the user to set it to either a 1-degree or 1/2-degree change.

Comes with a 1 degree swing in temperature which can be changed to 1/2 degree swing. Since the displayed temperature doesn’t change frequently, you wouldn’t have to listen to your wife complain about her being “hot”.

However, you can always switch it back to the 1 degree swing for increased efficiency and less wear and tear on the compressor and system.

It allows you to adjust temperature settings to avoid excessive cycling of the furnace or AC. This feature prevents unnecessary energy consumption and provides a more comfortable environment.

Remote Control:

The thermostat allows for remote control and adjustments from a phone, providing convenience and flexibility.

Ease of Installation:

One of the many things that we appreciate about this machine is that it’s extremely user friendly even for the non-tech savvy. You have all the tools and guidance at your disposal if you wish to install the thermostat on your own without prior experience.

It would take you about 30 minutes at max to get the job done and at the end feeling like a true engineer when you’re done installing the thermostat.

If you already have a C wire installed, installing the Wyze smart thermostat is a breeze. You can simply replace your old thermostat with this one and get started.

Plus, the Wyze thermostat even comes with a C wire adapter, which is super handy if you don’t have a C wire initially.

Wyze App Experience:

Let me tell you a little secret: You can’t mess this up. Seriously! The app gives you crystal-clear instructions to follow. It’s like having a genius right on your phone.

With the Wyze app, you have complete control over your thermostat from the comfort of your phone. Imagine being able to change the temperature or adjust settings without even getting out of bed or while you’re away from home.

Feature-Rich Design:

The thermostat offers an array of features that rival or even surpass those found in more expensive systems.

Some notable features are the following: The ability to adjust fan settings for better temperature circulation, standard schedules, motion and geo away functions, and easy integration with Alexa and Google.

Wi-Fi Integration:

Seamlessly integrates with your wireless network without causing any trouble.


One of the standout features of the Wyze smart thermostat is that it doesn’t break the bank. Unlike many popular smart thermostats that can be quite expensive, Wyze offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, features and practicality.

Intuitive Schedule:

Setting up a schedule for your AC is a breeze with the Wyze thermostat. It allows you to create schedules tailored to your lifestyle.

This means you can set specific times for the heat or AC to adjust automatically, ensuring your home is always at the perfect temperature without any effort on your part.

Intelligent Sensor:

The Wyze thermostat features a clever sensor that detects movement. Even if you have the thermostat set to AWAY mode, it recognizes if someone is in the house and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This smart feature helps conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.

Voice Control:

The Wyze thermostat integrates seamlessly with Alexa. By connecting the two, you can control your AC using just your voice. It’s like having a personal assistant that responds to your every command.


Using the Wyze thermostat is a piece of cake. The interface is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, making it easy for anyone to operate. You’ll be adjusting the temperature and programming schedules like a pro in no time.

All-in-One Wyze Ecosystem:

If you already use Wyze cameras, you’re in for a treat. The Wyze smart thermostat seamlessly integrates with the Wyze app, allowing you to manage all your Wyze devices from a single, unified interface.

Performance Testing:

We tested the Wyze thermostat by installing it on many different setups including multiple gas forced air and AC systems with humidifier control without any reported issues. This speaks to its reliability and performance.



The Downsides

Unreliable Wi-Fi Connection:

The Wyze smart thermostat frequently disconnects from Wi-Fi, with a disconnection occurring approximately 3-4 times in a span of 30 days.

Automatic Reconnection: 

The Wyze smart thermostat lacks the capability to automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi after a disconnection. This means that every time the thermostat loses its connection, manual intervention is required to restore the connection.

Lack of Mode Customization:

The thermostat lacks transparency in its features. The balance between comfort and savings slider in the app is present, but its functionality is not explained, leaving users in the dark.

Screen Blackout:

After using it for four weeks, the screen went out. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. The thermostat kept working perfectly fine through the app. Talk about resilience!

We reached out to Wyze, and guess what? Their customer service is top-notch! After sending them the receipt and a picture of the screen, they sent us a replacement in just two days.

Despite the screen mishap, I still highly recommend the Wyze thermostat. But you know what I recommend even more? The company itself! Wyze goes above and beyond to take care of their customers. They’re a standout in the world of customer service.

Limited Integration:

The thermostat does not integrate with the recently released home monitoring system, which would be intelligent and convenient. There’s no way to tie the thermostat to the alarm system, such as automatically switching to the away mode when setting the alarm.

Incompatibility with Geothermal Systems: 

Most thermostats on the market struggle to handle geothermal systems, and the Wyze thermostat is no exception.

Geothermal systems have specific requirements with two stages of heat and cool, as well as emergency heat.

Other thermostats often confuse emergency heat with auxiliary heat, leading to unnecessary activation of electric heaters and wasted money.

Spontaneous Failure:

We had to replace the Wyze thermostat once due to spontaneous failure. This highlights a potential issue with the product’s durability or quality control.

While the warranty support is available, the process can be tedious, requiring chat communication and following a scripted procedure.

Clunky User Interface:

The interface of the Wyze thermostat is a bit clunky and awkward. What we suggest, is that it could have a more intuitive design, resembling a dial-like interaction similar to an old iPod click wheel.

Glitchy Software:

Since this is a new thermostat can get a little glitchy if you’re an android user. What I mean by that is we installed the Wyze app on an android device and it would constantly ask to keep updating the software every time you open the android app.

However, no problems occurred when we installed the app on an iPhone. It’s a bug in the software that can be fixed overtime with newer updates.


wyze thermostat review

Meet the rival to its more expensive competitors like the Nest and Ecobee thermostats.

The perfect addition to your smart home! With its easy DIY installation and compatibility with 90% of home systems, including a C-wire adapter for homes without a C-wire, getting your thermostat up and running has never been easier.

Worried about compatibility? No problem! Use the Wyze Thermostat Compatibility Checker on their website to check your heating and cooling system compatibility.

However, the Wyze thermostat is going to need at least 2 wires plus a C-wire or a C-wire adapter to work. It’s known to work well with 5 wire traditional HVAC systems, boilers, duel fuel systems, and heat pumps.

It also comes with terminals for both single stage and dual stage heating and cooling.

Take full control of your home’s temperature right from your phone, no matter where you are. With the Wyze app, you can adjust the temperature, turn off the thermostat when you’re away to save energy…

And even keep your pets comfortable and prevent frozen plumbing. Share control with your guests and family through the Wyze app, making it a breeze to manage your home’s comfort.

Harness the power of voice control with the Wyze Thermostat. Simply ask Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust the thermostat, giving you hands-free convenience and complete control.

Create personalized schedules for every day of the week with the 7-day scheduling feature. Set up schedules for Home, Sleep, and Away, so you can enjoy the perfect temperature without constantly tinkering with the thermostat.

Plus the usage tracking with insightful recommendations helps you reduce wasted energy.

But that’s not all! The thermostat comes with a built-in motion sensor, automatically turning on and off based on motion and your phone’s location, saving even more energy.

And with its intuitive temperature dial and clear display, adjusting the temperature is as straightforward as walking to the wall and turning the dial.

With special features like a motion detector, current temperature display, and programmable options, the Wyze Thermostat is designed to meet all your needs.

Its compact measurements, with a base-plate width of 5 inches and length of 6.5 inches, and a thermostat length of 5 inches and width of 2.5 inches, ensures that it seamlessly blends into your home décor.

When Compared With Others

The Wyze smart thermostat is praised for its competitive price point compared to other well-known brands like Ecobee and Nest. It offers comparable features at a fraction of the cost, making it a smart investment.

Installing the Wyze smart thermostat is a breeze, especially compared to more complex options like Nest.

While Ecobee left a lot to be desired in terms of the app and thermostat interface, Wyze steps up the game. The Wyze app is intuitive and easy to use, just like their cameras. You’ll feel right at home navigating through the features.

The app also provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring that even the least experienced DIY-er can handle the installation with ease. It’s like having a helpful friend by your side, making sure you get it right.

Now, on the thermostat itself there are not a lot of settings or modes. You’ve got your temperature mode and then you can go to ‘state’ and you can choose between home, away, and sleep.

This is a very similar interface to Ecobee, they use those three state designations which are just temperature set-points which are designed save energy when you’re away from your house, make you more comfortable when you’re sleeping or when you’re at home during the day.

So if you like to sleep in a bit cooler atmosphere, that’s what the sleep set-point is for or you can sleep in a bit warmer temperature if you wanted.

With the Wyze thermostat, you’re in control. Unlike some other smart thermostats that try to predict your preferences, Wyze lets you decide when you want the temperature to adjust. Whether it’s your bedtime routine or a specific schedule, you’re the boss.

The Wyze app takes simplicity to the next level. It’s designed to be so user-friendly that even a “dummy” could navigate it (not that you’re a dummy, of course!).

The app provides clear instructions on which wires go where, ensuring a seamless installation process. It’s like having a helpful teacher holding your hand through the entire setup.

The Wyze thermostat itself doesn’t have maybe as much built-in features but instead Wyze has chosen to do all the computing and calculations in the cloud which we assume is what decreases the cost of this thermostat when compared to a Nest or an Ecobee thermostat.

The Wyze smart thermostat offers fantastic value for the price. Compared to other options on the market, like the Nest, it provides similar functionality at a fraction of the cost.

When it comes to smart devices, trust is important. The Wyze brand has gained a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Unlike some other big-name brands, like Google (which owns Nest), Wyze is an independent company focused on delivering quality products. It’s like choosing the underdog that surprises everyone with its excellence.

App Features

wyze thermostat review

To start out, Wyze app is pretty intuitive and works seamlessly without a hitch. It is the ultimate control hub for your home comfort. Here I’ll be walking you through the app itself just so you get the hang of how it really works.

So if you dive in to the ‘living room’ you will see that the app shows 72°F, but if I turn the temperature up to 74°F it turns to 74°F after a delay of 2-3 seconds.

Yes, the integration between the app and the thermostat itself is not fast enough when you change the settings via the app. But it’s not that much of a big deal in our opinion.

Then if you hit the ‘Controls’ button, this allows you to change your state i.e. home, away, sleep.

Similarly, in mode menu you have auto, heat, cool and off modes and then for the fan as well you have the ‘auto’, ‘cycle’ and ‘on’ mode.

Below you can see the ‘hold’ button that allows you to set and hold any temperature for a custom time period that you can change and set at whatever you wish to.

Next, if you click on the bar chart logo on the top right corner, you will come across the monthly and weekly usage reports of how much your HVAC ran throughout after hooking up the Wyze thermostat.

Next, if you click on the gear icon on the top right corner you will access the settings of the thermostat where you can change the name, who you want to share it with and notifications.

Then you have the ‘behavior’ option where you basically go through all the options on the slider and set it to whatever fits your utility requirements.

Drag it all the way or half way to savings if you want to save energy or drag it all the way to comfort if you wish to enhance your comfort.

That pretty much sums up the Wyze app. Say goodbye to traditional thermostat limitations and embrace the convenience and comfort that the Wyze thermostat app brings to your everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require a C (Common) wire?

Yes, it does. It comes with a C-wire adapter in the box.

Does it work with Wyze room sensors?

Yes, it does. The Wyze thermostat can be part of the broader Wyze ecosystem, which includes other smart home devices such as cameras, sensors, and lights.

What is the highest and lowest heat setting?

The lowest is 50°F and the highest can go up to 90°F.

Can Wyze auto-switch between heating and cooling?

Yes, it does.

Does Wyze thermostat have Geofencing?

Yes, it does.

For those who don’t know, geofencing is when you leave your house, the thermostat knows that you left because you take you phone with you and automatically adjust the heating/cooling and whether you want the heating/cooling turned off.

Similarly it also knows when you are on your way home and it can set to the settings you want when you’re home.

Does Wyze thermostat works with Google and Amazon Echo?

Yes, it does.

Can the Wyze thermostat be locked?

Yes, it can be locked. You can lock it out in the app where no one can turn the knob and change the temperature.

Can you operate it like a traditional thermostat without any application?

Yes, you can turn the knob to adjust the temperature and if you push it in, it will give you the current temperature and if you rotate the knob it takes you to a bunch of setting options that are useful.

Final Thoughts

We hope our Wyze thermostat review helped you in making informed decisions about your home’s comfort.

In conclusion, the Wyze Smart Thermostat is a game-changer for your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

With its easy installation, intuitive app control, and compatibility with voice assistants, it puts the power in your hands to create the perfect environment no matter where you are that too without breaking the bank.

The 7-day scheduling and usage tracking features help you save energy and the compact design seamlessly fits into your home décor.

Say goodbye to constantly adjusting your thermostat and hello to a more comfortable and cost-effective home. Upgrade to the Wyze Thermostat and experience the convenience and control you deserve.

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