Best Ring Camera Indoor Reviews 2024

In a world where staying connected to what matters most is both a priority and a challenge, the ring camera indoor steps in as a problem solver.

It’s not just any compact, plug-in indoor camera, it’s your personal way to peek into your home even when you’re out and about.

You can see, hear, and even chat with whoever’s there even your pets through your phone or tablet. You know that feeling when you’re miles away and you’re like, “Did I leave the lights on?” or “What’s my pet up to?”

The Ring Camera Indoor swoops in like a hero. It’s your extra set of eyes, making sure your home is cozy and secure, all day long.

Plus, if you’ve got other Ring devices like the Ring doorbell, this camera partners up with them in the Ring app, so you’ve got this whole home monitoring thing totally covered.

Join us, as we present to you the indoor ring camera reviews where you’re just a tap away from knowing everything’s A-OK at home.

Heads Up: Our reviews tend to be in-depth and comprehensive. Our goal is to provide readers with the most thorough understanding o assist them in making well-informed choices.

Hence, if you’re overwhelmed by the amount of information in this blog, no worries. Just skim through the key product takeaways. But keep in mind, relying solely on those won’t give you the full picture.


Ring Indoor Cameras – Which Indoor Cam Is Right For You?

Here’s a detailed and unbiased analysis of all the indoor ring cams that will bring you a step closer to a fully bugged, secured, and well-monitored home.

ring camera indoor reviews


1. Ring Indoor Camera Review – 1st Generation

indoor camera ring 1st generation



Key Takeaways: If you’ve got pets or loved ones at home, this camera’s got your back. It’s a total savior for separation anxiety. The ability to zoom in and talk through the camera is a lifesaver.

Installation? A breeze. You just need an outlet. Seriously, it’s designed to be a piece of cake for anyone, even if you’re not the techiest person.

You’ll be up and running in no time. Worried about your elderly parents or loved ones? Keep an eye on them, and talk to them, it’s like you’re right there.

The only downside? Your dad can’t see you through it, but that smile when you’ll speak? Priceless. What else? It’s got some nifty features.

Ever wanted to check in real quick without making it obvious? You can mute it and peek in without making a sound.

And that alarm? It’s a superhero when things go south. Scare off intruders and even get the neighbors’ attention.

So, whether it’s for aging parents or simply for keeping a watchful eye on your home, the Ring Indoor Camera 1st Gen got your back!


Introducing the Ring Indoor Camera 1st Gen – a compact powerhouse that brings security and connectivity inside your home with a simple plug-in design.

  • Plug and Play

You can plug it in anywhere, and bam, you’re set. It’s not just a camera, it’s a way to see, hear, and chat with people or pets through your phone, tablet, or even Echo devices.

  • Ring Ecosystem

And here’s the cool part, you can connect multiple Indoor Cams to your other Ring gadgets using the Ring app.

Imagine keeping tabs on your whole place, right? If you grab the Ring Protect Plan (it’s a subscription), you can record videos, check what happened in the last 180 days, and share moments with friends.

  • Installation + Smart Home Integration

Checking in on your space is a breeze with Live View. Installation? Just takes 5 minutes. Plug it in, get on Wi-Fi, and you’re golden. Stick it on a table or fix it to the wall, it’s your call.

Sync up your Indoor Cam with Alexa, and you’ll get alerts on your Echo gadget when there’s motion. With an Echo Show, Fire TV, or Fire Tablet, you can even see, chat, and hear what’s going on via voice commands.


Reasons to Buy

1. Easy Setup
  • If you’re no tech nerd, don’t worry. This camera welcomes novices with open arms.
  • It’s as simple as plug-and-play. It seamlessly connects to your Ring app, giving you a hassle-free experience.
2. Helpful Support
  • Worried about hitting a roadblock? The customer support here is like your tech-savvy friend who’s always got your back.
3. Clear View
  • No fuzzy images. The wide-angle lens captures things crystal clear. The clarity is truly exceptional.
4. Easy 2-way Talk
  • Just hit the mic button to chat. No need to shout, and even if your parents have impaired hearing, they’ll catch your words.
5. Security Sidekick
  • Have bad vibes? The alarm’s got your back. Scaring off intruders or alerting the neighbors, it’s like a security guard.
6. Heartfelt Connection
  • Even if your parents/grandparents can’t see you through the cam, the smiles and talks are real. It’s like a virtual hug.
  • For those who live far from their families, this camera bridges the gap. It’s like being there without the travel fuss.
7. Sharing
  • Got a Ring account? You’re in control. Share access with your siblings so they can peek in too, all while respecting your parent’s privacy.
8. Budget-Friendly
  • Skip the pricey baby monitors. Use these cams as your baby monitor, complete with quality visuals and audio.
9. Smart Sensitivity
  • The app lets you fine-tune the motion detector’s sensitivity and choose which zones to watch for action.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Subscription
  • Although some people may not appreciate having to shell out a few extra bucks every month to pay for video storage but you have options.
  • Give their video storage service a whirl for a month and decide if it’s your cup of tea. Recording those key moments could be worth it.
2. Endless Credentials
  • Although security and privacy is paramount. The app’s a tad paranoid about security. Username, password, 2-factor identification, it’s like a secret society initiation.
3. Firmware
  • The camera’s firmware update could give you a run for your money. During the update, the blue light will go on and off for various intervals. Do not unplug and plug it back or it might kill the device.
4. Wi-fi Struggles
  • Get ready for some wifi struggles. The camera’s picky about signal strength and won’t budge for certain access points.
  • If you’re hoping to use this camera’s powers in different parts of the house, you might be in for a disappointment. It’s not as wifi-flexible as your smartphone.
5. Hardware Hang-ups
  • Mounting screws are frustratingly shallow for studs. You’ll need those drywall anchors for sure.
6. Night Vision Blurs
  • Night video struggles with focus, particularly at the top of the screen. Things get a bit blurry and out of focus.
  • It can happen due to elevated placement and wider viewing angle, but it’s not a total deal breaker.
7. Subscription Snag
  • Need to pay for a subscription to make this camera truly useful. Without it, there’s no event storage, even for a short while.
8. Sound Stutters
  • Expect audio hiccups if someone is speaking really close to it.


2. Indoor Ring Cam Wireless Review – 3rd Generation (2019 Release)

indoor ring cam 3rd generation



Key Takeaways: Initially, it seemed like this camera missed the integration memo, leaving users wishing for better teamwork with other Ring gear. No alarms, and no automatic recordings during intrusions, just a little off the mark.

But hold up, there’s a twist in the tale. Ring support stepped in and came through with a solution. Head to your Base Station settings link the devices, and you’re golden!

First off, let’s bust a myth, the stories of hacking are mostly down to default usernames and passwords. It’s like leaving your keys in an unlocked car, not the manufacturer’s fault, right?

Notifications? Almost as fast as a snap. Alexa’s got your back, announcing visitors like a champ. Battery life is impressive, even after hardcore testing. Blocking zones work like a charm. Mounting angles? Spot-on.

They claim 1080p, but it’s more like solid 720p. Decent, but don’t expect Hollywood-level clarity. Objects in the distance are a bit fuzzy.

But hey, the night vision? That’s a different story – top-notch for keeping tabs in the dark. So, should you go for it? In our experience, these cameras have played their part well.

So, there you have it, a powerful, wire-free, customizable security solution for your place.


Let’s dive into the specs of the Indoor Ring Cam 3rd-Gen, your home’s new watchful eye.

  • Easy Wireless Setup

You can set it up indoors or outdoors, wherever you need an extra set of eyes. And guess what? No wires!

It’s battery-powered, so no need to scramble for outlets. Stick it on a flat surface or use the mounting bracket. Ceiling mount? You got it, just grab the separate Mount for Stick Up Cam.

  • Video Quality

It brings you a decent 1080p HD video, day or night. However, it may feel like it’s actually 720p but the night vision on this thing is bonkers, works like a charm!

  • Field of View & 2-Way Talk

You’re getting a 130° diagonal view that captures pretty much the whole scene, with a two-way talk feature with noise cancellation. Say hi, and tell your dog to stop chewing the couch – all in real time!

  • Live View

With Live View, you’re peeking into your place whenever you want through the Ring app. And those notifications? They’re on the ball.

  • Customizable Motion Zones

You can customize motion zones to fit your crib’s layout, and even make privacy zones for those moments you want off the record.

  • Ring Ecosystem Integration

Ever thought about a Ring family reunion? Pair this camera with other Ring devices using the app, and boom, total control on your phone, tablet, or even select Echo devices.

  • Subscription

Ring Protect Plan has a small monthly fee that allows you to save and share videos and pics for up to 180 days.

  • Alexa Compatibility

Plus, you can connect authorized devices and shared users all from one control center. Alexa’s got your back too – when motion happens, your Echo device goes “lights, camera, action!”


Reasons to Buy

1. Wide Compatibility
  • The camera software worked flawlessly across various devices, including phones, tablets, and Amazon devices.
2. Timely Notifications
  • Receive instant alerts across devices whenever motion is detected. Enhances your awareness like never before.
3. Efficient Battery Life
  • We utilized the camera extensively for testing purposes and still experienced excellent battery life, even with consistent usage.
  • Battery charge lasts over 4 months. When it’s time to charge, a quick twist opens the base and the battery comes out.
  • Tip: Pick up a solar panel and it’ll keep the battery juiced up forever.
4. Voice Control
  • Leverage voice commands to Alexa-enabled devices for quick access to the camera feed.
5. Seamless Remote Access
  • Effortlessly access live feed and triggered video clips remotely without any complex setup, ensuring continuous monitoring.
6. Setup
  • Once you’ve installed the Ring app, it’s a cinch to set up. Scan the QR code on the camera’s base, choose your network, answer a few prompts, and bam, you’re done in 5 minutes.
7. 360°
  • This bundle’s a triple treat, a pan tilt base, a power cord, and a regular battery stickup cam.
  • Pan tilt base gives you a 360 view or a wider angle for a room.
8. Flexible Solution
  • For spaces where a ring doorbell cam won’t fit, the Ring Battery HD cam nails it.
9. User-Friendly
  • No hiccups even for seniors, easy setup that anyone can handle. Does exactly what it claims, with no need for a tech specialist.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Record, but Not All
  • Records incidents, but there might be gaps as the camera cools down between videos.
  • The blue recording light might bug you, no option to turn it off. Cover up the light with a bit of electrical tape, problem solved.
2. Subscription
  • Remember, you’ll need a Ring subscription for phone alerts on movement detection.
  • Opting for the mid-tier Ring Protect plan is a smart move. Videos saved, 10% off new gear, and warranty extension – smart bundle.
3. Wi-fi Connectivity
  • This camera requires a strong wifi connection in order to function without any hiccups. If you have even the slightest bit of weak connection then this camera will be a pain from day one.
4. Picture Quality
  • Some people may find the picture clarity a bit underwhelming. If you want it to capture license plates from a distance, the images won’t cut it.
  • The camera couldn’t provide crisp enough shots from 20 feet away.
5. Network Compatibility
  • The camera only syncs up with a 2.4 GHz network. If your router does both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, the camera might throw a fuss.
  • Also, there’s an 8-character password limit, and longer ones might lead to connection roadblocks.


3. Indoor Camera Ring Review – 2nd Generation (2023 Release)

indoor camera ring 2nd generation



Key Takeaways: It’s like the perfect blend of affordability, privacy, and practicality, wrapped up in one sleek design.

Let’s talk price, it’s a steal without compromising quality. And privacy? Ring’s got your back with a Privacy Cover that’s like a virtual curtain for your cam. No more worries about dancing in your PJs getting caught on camera.

The video clarity? Impressive. Setup? A breeze. Whether your fur baby is sleeping soundly or staging a takeover of the living room, this cam keeps you in the loop. And the color night vision feature? Surprisingly awesome.

The only downside? It’s a bit finicky about wifi range. But hey, with a wifi extender, you can conquer that too.

If you do the Ring Indoor Cam vs Stick Up Cam comparison, it’s hard to cherry-pick the best value camera since they’re almost identical.


  • Seamless Setup + Video Quality

Set it up wherever there’s a power plug and you’re good to go. Day or night, this cam delivers crisp 1080p HD video with Live View, letting you keep an eye on your domain.

  • Color Night Vision + Advanced Pre-Roll

Color Night Vision adds an impressive touch, making darkness a non-issue. The real magic? Advanced Pre-Roll captures a few extra seconds before a motion event, giving you the full context.

  • Privacy Cover

Privacy concerns? Sorted! A manual Privacy Cover lets you switch off the camera and mic, ensuring your space is truly private.

  • Motion Alerts

Motion alerts are smart too, tailor your camera’s coverage to focus on the essential movements. Flexible mounting options mean you can place it on a table or swivel-mount it up high for the best view.

  • Live View + 2-Way Talk

With Live View and Two-Way Talk, you’re virtually there, whether it’s greeting the postman or shushing your pet.

  • Security Siren

Feeling the need for more security? Activate the powerful siren remotely from the Ring App. Black out areas you don’t want recorded, and rest easy knowing your videos are End-to-End Encrypted for your eyes only.

  • Ring App Convenience + Alexa Compatibility

Manage all of this easily through the Ring App. Plus, if you’re all about integration, Alexa compatibility is the icing on the cake. Pair it up for hands-free monitoring and timely announcements when motion’s detected.


Reasons to Buy

1. Value that Hits the Sweet Spot
  • No need to break the bank for quality, this camera nails the affordability game and packs a massive value punch. The price tag matches the value, and you’re investing in a trusted brand.
2. Privacy Curtain
  • This indoor use ring camera comes with a handy privacy cover, your personal no-spy zone, so you can boogie in peace.
3. Pet Supervision
  • Keeping tabs on your pets while tackling the 9-to-5? This cam’s got you. Top-notch video clarity? Check. Easy setup? Double check.
4. Style that Blends In
  • No eyesore here, the sleek design blends seamlessly with your decor.
5. Peace of Mind
  • For those checking in on loved ones with dementia – peace of mind is priceless. Zooming in for details? Absolutely doable.
  • Large room, hall, stairs, one small camera covers it all.
6. Power Outage
  • Even when the power goes out, this camera bounces back seamlessly. A couple of settings clicks in the app, and you’re good to go.
7. Caring for Loved Ones
  • If keeping an eye on a loved one is your mission, this camera shines.
  • Clear picture, live streaming, and two-way communication? Check, check, and check.
8. Customizable Notifications
  • Ring’s got news for you, neighborhood events, lost pets, and crime alerts. You name it. Customization is the key, tailor your notifications to what matters most.

Reasons to Avoid

1. Close to Wi-fi
  • This camera’s a champ, but it’s got a wifi craving. You need to keep it within 10ft of your router. Sure, extenders are a fix, but for the price tag, you might’ve expected more flexibility.
2. Cord Length
  • That power cord? It’s only 6ft, which is kinda short. Not ideal if you wanna stick it up high.
3. Blue Light
  • You may wish for a magic button to turn off that blue light. t’s like the camera’s saying, “Hey world, look at me!” every time it blinks.
4. Costly Recordings
  • Ring’s charging quite the fee to let you record videos. Some may think it’s way too much to shell out just to save some clips.
5. Glare
  • If you’re putting it in a bright spot, be ready for some over-exposure. Daylight flooding in can wash out almost half the video, making it less useful.
6. Not That Big Upgrade
  • Let’s be real, the 2nd Gen isn’t the revolution we hoped for. It’s like a sibling to the 1st Gen, not much difference in the big picture.


Frequently Asked Questions – Ring Camera Indoor Reviews

ring camera indoor faqs

Does ring camera record audio?

Absolutely, the Ring Camera doesn’t just focus on visuals, it’s got ears too. It records audio with the motion-detected videos.

Does ring camera light up when live view?

Yes, when someone hops into the Live View mode, the camera’s blue LED lights up. Indicating that someone is keeping tabs on your space.

What is sos on ring camera?

SOS on a Ring Camera is like your virtual emergency button. It stands for “Save Our Souls,” but in simpler words, the Ring app’s dashboard as well as the Live View interface have this icon.

Once you press it, you can call for immediate help from the authorities, i.e. police, fire department, or medical help.

What does blue light on ring indoor camera mean?

Simply put, the blue light indicates that you’re being watched. When someone opens up the Live View, it’s the camera’s way of telling you that it’s active.

How to hide a ring camera indoors?

One way to hide your Ring camera indoors is to buy a black Ring indoor cam. It can seamlessly blend into your decor and basically camouflage itself as a random home decor accessory.

Put it among books, plants, or other objects that make it less noticeable. Adjust its height to match what’s around it, like wall art or shelves.

Tuck any cords or cables neatly to avoid drawing attention. Another good hiding trick is to blend it in between decor plants.

What does linked event mean on ring?

Linked event on the Ring app is an indicator of a collective action that was performed by more than one of your Ring devices. So, for example, if your ring doorbell detects motion and starts recording, so will your indoor cam. If a linked event is created for them.

How to adjust ring camera view?

If you’ve mounted your Ring indoor cam upside down and want to flip the camera view, head over to the Ring app. Click on the three lines, and select the “Devices” option. Now choose the indoor cam you want to change the view for and go the “Video Settings.”

Click on “Rotate Video” to invert the footage. Now if you have a Ring Stick Up Cam, you’re out of luck. There’s no option to invert the video for those species of Ring Cameras.

Ring Camera Indoor Reviews: Final Thoughts

So, wrapping up our review of the best Ring indoor cameras. From the compact plug-in design to the ability to keep an eye on every corner, these cameras offer you the power to protect what matters most.

Whether you’re looking to check in on your pets, parents or grandparents while at work or ensure your home’s safety while you’re away, these indoor cameras have got you covered.

The key is understanding your needs and matching them with the right features. So, next time you’re wondering what’s happening at home, just open the Ring app and know you’ve got things under control. Stay safe, stay smart!

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