How To Fix The Portable Air Conditioner?

Portable air conditioners are used for both the cooling and heating purposes.

Damage to any of the systems in your air conditioner can lead to malfunctioning of the other parts of the air conditioner and make a home uncomfortable and unbearable.

Some issues with the air conditioner can be resolved on your own without the help of a professional technician.

Here are some ways you can troubleshoot a portable air conditioner.

Power On Issue: If the air conditioner does not turn on there is the issue of lack of power. Make sure by plugging in the power cord correctly. The cord should not be damaged.

Reset the circuit at the breaker box and change the socket. If the timer is on, turn it off as the timer can cause the system to stop operating.

If the room temperature is lower than the temperature of the air conditioner, it shuts down automatically.

Try to set the temperature according to the room temperature. You can also shut the system down and let the room temperature be normal.

Cooling: Portable air conditioners have their BTU set according to the room size. If the BTU set is not according to the room it can affect the efficiency of its cooling power. The cooling capacity depends on the size of the room.

For instance, if the room size is big, the air conditioner with a small room capacity has to work hard to cool the room, which will affect its cooling efficiency power and it will heat the motor.

The cooling is also affected by the heat present in the surroundings. This heat is generated from the appliances in the room such as bulbs, lamps, and chargers.

Direct sunlight also has an impact on the cooling of the room. Airflow is also low because of the blockage of the air filters of the air conditioner due to dust and debris.

The system’s cooling efficiency is affected by the blockage filters.

Repair the cooling issues by following these steps: 

Clean the air filters: Clean the air filters with a soft cloth and a mixture of detergents. A dirty filter can block the airflow as the dust particles get stuck to the air filters and decrease the cooling efficiency. Cleaning the air filters will help in restoring the cooling power.

Set the thermostat: Check if the thermostat is not set properly. If it is not set accordingly it will not provide enough cooling. Set it according to the temperature and reset the unit.

Clean the condenser coil: Clean the condenser coil with a soft brush and water. When the condenser coil gets dirty it can affect the cooling power of the unit.

Check refrigerant leaks: If the refrigerant is low, the cooling power is not effectively high. If you find any leaks in the refrigerant, contact a technician for further inspection.

No Venting Air: Due to frost on the cooling coil, the air conditioner does not vent hot air, which is also known as the evaporating coil. It happens when water is condensed around the coil due to low temperature.

If it is not drained properly, it can cause a freeze around the coil and hamper the airflow. Remove the filter and back grill.

If you find any frost there, turn off the air conditioner and let it melt. After melting, drain the ice water and turn on the air conditioner.

Exhaust Hose Blockage: Check if the exhaust hose is blocked because of the dirt and dust. Clean the hose because hot air does not vent from the system, it will not cool off the room. 

Efficiency Problem? 

Here’s how to fix it:

how to fix a portable air conditioner

Straighten Vent Air Hose: Adjust the vent hose to a place where it can be placed in a short and straight form. There should not be any bends in the hose.

Close Windows and Doors: Close doors and windows so that hot air does not pass into the room.

The air conditioner will have to work hard to cool down the room if the doors and windows are open. So, close the windows and doors to avoid any functional error or effect on cooling efficiency. 


Most of the time, portable air conditioners can be fixed or repaired without the help of a professional technician.

By cleaning the air filters, air venting hose, and insulating doors and windows, the cooling efficiency can get better.

Firstly, define the problem by identifying it. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to solve the issues of different components of the air conditioner

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