How To Control Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating refers to a heating system that can be powered by either electric wires also known as an electric radiant floor heating system…

Or hot water pipes also known as a hydronic radiant floor heating system installed beneath the flooring.

This method of heating allows for the uniform warming of a room from the ground up.

Compared to traditional heating solutions that often rely on bulky radiators or vents, radiant floor heating is a highly efficient option.

So, you must be thinking about how you should control it to be as efficient as it’s told.

That’s why we have the ultimate guide for the users of radiant floor heating systems even if it’s electric or hydronic we got you covered.

Just go through the steps in the guide and you will learn the best way to control your radiant floor heating system.

How to Control Electric Radiant Floor Heating?

how to adjust radiant heat manifold

Step 1 → Install the Thermostat:

So firstly make sure you have a thermostat installed to your radiant floor heating either an electric or a hydronic one, if not you can’t control it properly.

Make sure you choose the right thermostat for your system by going through the manual of either one of the heatinf system.


Here are the general steps to install a thermostat for both an electric or a hydronic radiant floor heating system:

First, you need to turn off the power supply from the main system.

Then you have to remove the old thermostat (if it’s pre installed or not working) and also remove its mounted plate off the wall.

Now attach a new mounting plate that came with your new compatible thermostat onto your wall.

After that, you have to connect the wires in the same way you got them out from the old one to your new thermostat.

Attach your new thermostat to the new mounting plate that you attached to your wall previously.

At last, you have to turn the power back on and test your new thermostat to make sure it is working correctly.


Step: 2 →  Set the Temperature: 

So now that you have installed your thermostat for radiant floor heating, it is time for you to set the desired temperature on your electric or hydronic heating floor.

Most thermostats come with a user-friendly digital display that allows you to adjust the temperature by simply pressing the up or down arrow buttons on your thermostat.

Step: 3   Program the Thermostat:


Programming for electric radiant floor heating


If you have a programmable thermostat you can set a scheduled time for it to stop heating or cooling when you want.

This feature will also help you save energy and will ensure to save you some bucks on your electricity bills.

To program your programable thermostat press the program button shown to you on the thermostat.

Then select your preferred days and time to start heating your floor and also set your desired temperature for each day and time.

After all of this is done just save it or activate it and there you have your self-programmed heating floors for days to come!

how to regulate radiant floor heat

Programming for hydronic radiant floor heating


If you want to uphold your desired water temperature on your floor,

it’s essential for you to adjust your boiler or water heater which is usually found to be connected to your hydronic radiant floor heating system.

To adjust your boiler or water heater, first of all, you have to turn off the main power supply to the system.

Then you have to find the temperature-controlling valve on your boiler or water heater and adjust the valve to your desired water temperature.

Which will then heat your floor and lastly don’t forget to turn your main power supply back on and then test if the floor is getting to your desired temperature or not.

Step: 4  Monitor the Temperature: 

Whether you use a hydronic or an electric radiant floor heating system it’s compulsory for you to keep an eye on your thermostat, boiler, and water heater.

So that you can ensure that you are having your desirable temperature on any of the two.

And if not then raising it to your preferred temperature and ensure it as well as it will also give you peace of mind.


In conclusion, controlling a radiant floor heating is simple and straight-forward.

The best way to control the temperature is through a radiant floor heating thermostat which can be set to a desired temperature,

and will automatically turn the system on or off to maintain the temperature.

Some thermostats even offer advanced features such as programmable schedules and remote access via smartphone apps.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the system is properly installed and maintained.

And to ensure that the flooring materials are suitable for use with radiant floor heating.

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