How To Clean Portable Air Conditioner Filter?

The portable air conditioner is one of the popular choices among people during summertime. It comes in various sizes and shapes and is used in homes, buildings, and offices.

The lifespan of an air conditioner depends on the maintenance of the air conditioner by cleaning its different parts. The filter is one of the main components of the air conditioner that should be cleaned.

The following steps will help you clean the filter of your portable air conditioner.

Steps to Clean Portable Air Conditioner Filter

Step 1: Do some preparation before cleaning the filters. You need to unplug the air conditioner and take it to a solid surface because water could leak from the air conditioner. Arrange your tools such as a bucket, screwdriver, and cloth.

Step 2: You need to drain water from the tank. Air conditioners have a built-in feature to drain water. Most of the air conditioners have a drain port at the back. Open the port and drain the water in a tray.

You can also connect a hose to the drain so that water can be drained automatically.

Step 3: Air filters are usually on the side of the unit or behind the front grill. Add some water and detergent in a bucket and mix it well. The water should be warm.

how to clean a portable air conditioner filter

Take a soft cloth and dampen it with the mixture. Check the air filters if they have dirt and debris. Dirt and debris do not allow the air conditioner to generate cooling.

Remove the air filters from the unit by using screwdrivers. By pulling the upper filter panel in the rear can be removed.

Step 4: Check if there is mold on the filters or not. Use a damp cloth and sprinkle detergent water on the filters.

Clean the dirt by using a soft cloth. If you find any mold on the filter, use vinegar and a soft brush to remove the mold and bacteria which is not suitable for health.

Step 5: Some air filters are washable easily so you can wash these air filters to remove dirt. You can also clean the filters by using a vacuum cleaner. After rinsing and washing, dry the filters using a dry cloth.

Step 6: After cleaning the filter, reinstall the filter back into its place. Try to make sure the unit is unplugged. Install the filter back into its frame. It should be installed accurately in its place. Attach the filters using screwdrivers.

Step 7: If the filter is damaged or destroyed it should be replaced with a new filter immediately otherwise it will affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Plug in the air conditioner back and turn it on.


The air filter plays a crucial role in the cooling effect of the air conditioner. For the proper functioning of the filter, it is mandatory to check the filter and clean it after one month.

If it is clogged by dirt or dust, the cooling power is ineffective. Cleaning and replacing the filters can ensure the best operating quality of the air conditioner.

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