How To Drain LG Portable Air Conditioner?

LG is one of the reliable companies whose portable air conditioners are popular for their cooling efficiency and power-saving features. It has an evaporating system through which water is recycled back into the system to produce cool air.

Draining water from the LG air conditioner is necessary for it to work efficiently. It helps in preventing water leakage from the tank.

Draining water from a tank may vary from model but many air conditioners have a common way of draining. You need to follow these steps to drain water from the LG air conditioner:

Steps to Drain LG Portable Air Conditioner

Step 1: Unplug the unit and turn off the switch. Check the location of your drain port which is usually at the back of the air conditioner. The port can be covered with a cap so remove the cover first by moving it anti-clockwise. Remove the vent hose from the system.

Step 2: Place a bucket or tray under the port and let the water drain in it. Drain the water properly and wait for it to dry. Close the cover of the drain port with a drain plug.

Lift the unit onto a firm and stable platform. Make sure the bucket can keep excess water so that the floor does not get dirty. Check and empty the bucket so that it can avoid overflow.

Wipe the extra water from the surface, plug the unit back, and turn it on. You can also move your air conditioner from one place to another where you can drain water outside.

Step 3: One of the most feasible methods of draining is that you set the unit at the edge of the outside door so it will automatically drain water outside the house directly. Gravity will help water to move from the drain port to the drain floor.

Step 4: If the drain port is not sealed properly, it will cause water leakage. Put the drain cover and move it clockwise. Reinstall the vent hose back in place.

The vent should be placed outside in a way that rainwater should not enter it. Now the LG portable air conditioner is ready to use.

LG Drain Hose Connection

When the LG air conditioner is on fan mode (low level of humidity), there is no need to drain water. It is built to operate with the capacity of a tank to use some moisture for improved efficiency.

If the dehumidification mode is on, a drain hose can be installed. You should be extra careful to avoid any leakage from the hose because any twist in the hose can cause water leakage.

Circumstances that Require Water Drainage

For people who live in areas where the weather is humid for longer periods, their water tank needs to be drained after some specific time.

Some portable air conditioners have FL (Full) indicators that help to know if the water level of the tank is increased and needs to be drained.

How Often Should Water be Drained?

Water should be drained after every 8 hours. The frequency depends on the model of the air conditioner. Some of the LG air conditioners work without draining for more than a month.

It depends on the area and the weather. If the humidity level is high, water should be drained repeatedly after 6 to 7 hours.

If the weather is dry, the air conditioner can work for up to several days without draining water because the moisture is not required to be scooped from the atmosphere.


LG portable air conditioners can work without draining for more than a month if the area is dry.

Draining water is an essential activity for the maintenance of the air conditioner. Water can be drained directly from the drain port into the bucket/tray or it can be drained from the drain hose.

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