How To Clean Mold Out Of A Portable Air Conditioner?

Maintaining an portable air conditioner is an important part that helps in the prolonged lifespan of the unit and better operating capacity. This includes cleaning of different parts and draining water on time.

This article will help you in knowing how you can remove mold from the air conditioner.

Follow These Steps to Properly Clean Mold Out of A Portable Air Conditioner

Step 1: In the first place, turn off the power button and unplug the unit. To avoid electricity hazards it is necessary to unplug the unit before removing the mold.

Step 2: After turning on the switch button, remove the air filters from the air conditioner. Check if there is any dirt or dust on it. Clean it with a wet cloth. If there is any mold sign on it. Place it on a surface.

Step 3: Add a mixture of warm water and vinegar and mix it well. Add it to a spray bottle and sprinkle on the filters and leave it for a while. Vinegar has the qualities to kill bacteria and mold as it is a disinfectant.

Step 4: Take a soft brush and use it slowly to remove the mold from the surface. Clean the evaporator coil and drain paint as they are more vulnerable to mold.

Step 5: Wash the filter by rinsing it with water and letting it dry for a while. Use a clean and soft towel to dry the filters.

Step 6: Once the filters are dried up, install them back into the air conditioner and turn the air conditioner on for a while.

Step 7: Bring the air conditioner to a place where you can drain the water from the water tank. Put a tray under the drain port and open it slowly so that it can drain the water.

Step 8: Once you have drained the water properly, check if there is any dust and debris in the tank. If you find mold in there, use the mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and sprinkle it over the mold. Wait for a few minutes.

Step 9: Use a soft brush to remove mold from the surface. You can use a little amount of bleach in the water to remove the stain. Rinse the tank with water. Dry it with a soft cloth and turn on the air conditioner.

What Causes Mold to Grow in the Air Conditioner?

When the air conditioner is not maintained properly it can cause mold to grow. Mold causes many problems such as foul odor which makes it uncomfortable to sit in that area and it creates some health issues such as respiratory and allergic reactions.

The internal parts of the air conditioner get damaged due to mold. The cooling power is also affected by it. Mold is grown due to the following reasons:

Air Filter: If the air filters get dirty and dusty, mold can grow in them. Clogged air filters can increase the possibility of mold growth.

High Humidity Level: If the humidity level is high in the room, moisture grows in the unit which increases mold

Clogged Drain Line: Due to dust and debris, the drain line can become clogged due to which water is backed up and accumulates in the unit.

Poor Ventilation: Moisture gets trapped inside the air conditioner’s different parts if it is not being ventilated properly. The trapped moisture can lead to the growth of mold.


It is mandatory to clean the air conditioner for the proper functioning of its unit. One should clean the water tank every month. Try to avoid more humid levels and high temperatures which increase the moisture and bacteria in the air cooler.

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