How to Set Up Portable Air Conditioner?

A portable air conditioner takes in warm air from the room through an intake vent which passes over the evaporator coil where the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air and cooled air is released back into the room, and through an exhaust hose moisture is exhausted.

Air conditioners have become a need in this age. Portable air conditioners are the most convenient cooling machines that can be moved from one room to another.

Steps to Set Up Portable Air Conditioner

The following are the necessary steps you should take while setting up a portable air conditioner.

Place it near a window or outdoor

Place an air conditioner near a window or door where air can cross easily. Choose the place where the water reservoir is feasibly accessible.

By placing the air conditioner close to the window the efficiency of the unit will increase.

Many air conditioners come with a drain hose that should be placed near the tub or a sink. There should be space between an air conditioner and the floor to allow adequate flow.

Installation of Adapter Kit

Adjust the adapter kit in the window. Window adapter needs to be trimmed if it is too small in size. After determining the size of the window, install an adapter kit in the window.

Seal the adapter kit with a duct. It will help in preventing air from seeping out the window. This kit allows you to vent the hot air from the room.

Ventilation Hose

how to install a portable air conditioner

Start with attaching the hose to the window. After locating the exhaust port connect it to an exhaust hose and twist it clockwise to set in its place. Connect one end of the ventilation hose to the air conditioner.

Then, wrap it up with a tape if it does not fit in. Otherwise, there will be leakage of water while using the air conditioner. Decide which medium you are selecting for venting hot air.

It can be a window, vent in a wall, or door. Vent should be in the reach of the exhaust hose. There should be no bends in the hose because it can restrict the air flow and reduce its efficiency.

Connect Drainage Hose

portable air conditioner drainage hose

Drainage hose helps in removing moisture from the room.

Attach a drainage hose to the drainage port on the back of the air conditioner. Hose should be reachable to the area where you want to drain water.

You can drain water in the sink, tray or a basin. Cover the hose with a tape so that it does not drain on the floor.

Insert the Plug of Air Conditioner

Once all the hoses are attached, plug in the switch of the air conditioner and turn it on. Check if all the parts of air conditioners are connected perfectly.

How Can You Move a Portable Air Conditioner to Another Room?

You can bring your air conditioner to another room if the windows of both rooms are the same in size.

You only need to unplug the switch and roll it to another room and plug it in the switch near the window and adjust it there by installing an adapter kit.

Plug in the unit and check its cooling capacity.


In conclusion, setting up a portable air conditioner is not as complicated as it may seem. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your portable air conditioner is set up correctly and functioning efficiently.

Remember to choose the right location, vent your unit properly, and take care of maintenance regularly to maximize your unit’s lifespan and performance.

. We hope this guide has been helpful to you and makes the process of setting up your portable air conditioner a breeze!

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