How to Install AI Surveillance Cameras?

An AI surveillance camera is a type of camera that uses artificial intelligence to detect motion.

This technology uses advanced algorithms to differentiate between human movement and other objects.

It then sends alerts to homeowners to notify them of any unusual activity.

In this article, Our research team of Meta Domotics will guide you how to install AI surveillance cameras, and provide you with a step-by-step method.

Installing the AI Motion Detection Camera

ai surveillance camera

Pre-Installation Preparation

Step 1: Place the camera in such a way that it has no blind spot and also covers the whole area which you want to monitor.

Step 2: In order to place your camera at the right spot. You need to drill a hole and screw the mounting brackets into the ceilings.

Step 3: Using the circuit wires, attach the camera to the power source.

Step 4: Then download an app in your smartphone which is mentioned in the manual book

Step 5: Then connect your camera with your smartphone so you can access it from anywhere in the in your house using a Wi-Fi connection, which will be really helpful for you

Step 6: Use the app to modify the motion detection settings, including sensitivity, detection zones, and a variety of other options.

Step 7: Modify the camera’s sensitivity to prevent any false alarms.

Step 8: Check that the camera’s live feed includes the area you wish to monitor by using the app to check the camera’s feed.

Step 9: After you have successfully installed your camera, test its motion detection feature by walking in front of the camera. If you get notification on your phone its working properly.


The right way to install an AI surveillance camera in your house or anywhere else is by following these instructions.

Finding a suitable place, establishing Wi-Fi connectivity, modifying the motion detection settings, and testing the camera are the procedures summarized above.

The value of having an AI surveillance camera can give homeowners peace of mind and is a very practical and effective tool for home security.

You can feel secure knowing that your home is secure because you can remotely monitor it and get alerts for any strange activity.

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