Aera vs Pura: Is the $200 Diffuser Worth the Hype?

Welcome to the ultimate scent diffuser for home face-off: Aera vs Pura Diffuser. We know how important it is to create a welcoming and refreshing atmosphere in your home.

Imagine coming home after a long worn-out day, as soon as you take a deep breath it feels like a load has been lifted off your shoulders. It’s like a warm, cozy hug from the universe.

This incredible aroma envelops you and it’s like an instant mood-lifter. The aroma is so invitingly cozy that it makes your home feel like a retreat.

As you wander further into the house, the fragrance seems to follow you like a trail of happiness. It’s as if every corner of your place has been touched by this beautiful scent.

It’s in the air, on the furniture, and it even seems to linger on your favorite throw blanket. This is your desired outcome when looking for the “perfect” scent diffuser for home.

Choosing the right scent diffuser can be a daunting task, with countless factors to consider.

In this comparison of the Aera diffuser vs Pura, we’ll break down everything from pricing and scent coverage to scent quality/variety and reliability.

Let’s explore the world of Pura and Aera to find out which one will reign supreme in your space.

Pura vs Aera – Detailed Analysis

Ultimately, the choice between Aera vs Pura comes down to your specific needs and preferences.

So, before making a decision, consider what matters most to you in enhancing your home ambiance, and let that guide you to the perfect choice for your space.

Aera vs Pura: Key Differences

testing aera vs pura diffusers

1. Price

  • At this moment, the Pura smart diffuser is going for $44.99 while the Aera diffuser will cost you around 200 bucks.

2. Who got Better Scents?

  • Pura offers a diverse range of scents for their diffusers. They’ve partnered up with well-known brands like the Nest to offer some of the best and most sophisticated fragrances.
  • Aera makes its own scents and they cost around $35 more than Pura fragrances. Also, the Aera diffuser only holds one capsule of scent per diffuser, while the Pura can hold two scents at one time.

This gives you the choice to switch between fragrances depending on your mood, right from the app.

3. Night Light

  • Pura diffuser features an ambient night light that you can customize and choose whatever color you like to set the mood directly from the app. While the Aera diffuser doesn’t offer this feature.

4. Scent Dispersion

  • Pura claims that their diffuser is enough to fill up the entire area of 1000-1500 square feet. However, when testing both products, we think otherwise.
  • Our Pura diffuser only managed to fill up smaller areas around 200-300 square feet. If you’re expecting one Pura device to be enough for a larger room, you’re in for a disappointment.
  • We recommend buying multiple Pura diffusers if you want your whole house to smell like a freshly baked pie enticing you in with its aroma.
  • The Aera diffuser beats the Pura diffuser in this regard. They claim their diffuser to be able to handle 1000 square foot areas and they’re not wrong. This device does wonders when it comes to scent dispersion.
  • Aera also offers free scent samples to help you decide which one to choose. It can get really confusing with all these weird scent names like “Pink Pepper” and wondering how they would smell in real life.

5. Whose Scents Last Longer?

  • Let’s start off by addressing the actually lasting of the fragrances before they run out, then we will talk about how long the fragrance lingers for each diffuser.
  • Aera diffuser scents come in these large capsules that can last up to 800 hours when running on medium intensity all day!

Please refer to the ‘Value Proposition‘ concept in the key takeaways above where we compared candles vs. Aera scents.

  • When it comes to how long the scents linger after turning off the diffuser, the Aera diffuser wins, with fragrances lasting approximately 30 minutes.
  • Pura scents on the other hand, last for around 300 hours or 15 days, depending on usage as claimed by the company. When running at medium intensity all night, one scent vial only lasted for about 8 days.
  • In terms of scents lingering, Pura isn’t the best out there in this regard. Your home enjoys the fragrance only as long as the diffuser is active.

6. Which is Safer?

  • On the surface, both companies assert their pet and eco-friendliness. However, we do believe that the Aera diffuser leans a lot more on the safer side as it uses microdroplet technology and acts more like a nebulizer.
  • The Pura diffuser, on the other hand, uses heat to disperse fragrances, which can potentially introduce unwanted chemicals into the environment.

7. Customer Support

  • One other area where Aera excels is its customer service. The bottom line answer is, it’s top-notch! You’re in good hands, they don’t leave their customers in the dark.
  • Can’t say the same for Pura unfortunately. Bad customer support is the only major setback with this company.

8. Fire Hazard

  • The Pura diffuser is a plug-in device that plugs into the outlet directly. This can pose a fire hazard if not used properly. plugin devices

Setup: Which One’s Easier to Hook Up?

The short answer is, that both of them are easy to set up with the included instruction manual and an intuitive app and an on-screen step-by-step process of setting it up.

How to Set up Pura Diffuser?

One thing about Pura though, it has connectivity issues and maybe a pain in the butt hooking it to the Wi-Fi.

Another key aspect of Pura is its Geofencing capability. The diffuser connects to your phone and knows when you’re in and out of the home.

Therefore, it turns on and off based on your presence in the house. Whereas, the Aera diffusers lack this functionality.

The scheduling feature on the Pura app can get a bit wonky at times. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed by a firmware update in the future.

How to Set up Aera Diffuser?

how does aera diffuser work

The Aera Diffuser is a game-changer when it comes to creating a personalized and delightful home atmosphere.

With its user-friendly app, you have the power to customize your scent experience. You can schedule when the diffuser turns on and off, adjusting scent intensities to your liking.

Home Automation: The Aera diffuser takes another win by being compatible with Amazon Alexa! This makes everything much more convenient. You can simply ask Alexa to turn your diffuser on or off or set a schedule.

The Pura diffuser? You guessed it. It’s not compatible with any smart home automation systems.

Final Thoughts

In the world of home fragrance, the battle of Pura vs Aera has been a fascinating exploration. We’ve covered the key aspects of both systems, from design and aesthetics to functionality and fragrance quality.

While both Pura and Aera have their merits, it’s evident that Aera takes the lead in terms of patented microdroplet technology, which makes it a much safer alternative, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and long-lasting, safe fragrances.

Whether you’re aiming for a seamless blend with your home decor or a scent experience that’s ethically sourced and safe for your loved ones, Aera stands out as a formidable choice.

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