How To Reset Filter Light On LG Portable Air Conditioner?

The filter light on LG portable air conditioners indicates the time to clean/replace the filter. Air filters play a crucial role in removing dust, dirt, and pollen particles and ensuring good quality indoor air.

In other words, this light indicates how your air conditioner is working and in which mode it is. Filters get dirty and become clogged over time.

It reduces efficiency and hinders the cooling performance of the air conditioner. When the filter light blinks, it gives signals that the filters require some attention.

It means that the filter has become dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced. The performance and efficiency can be improved or maintained by addressing the filter button.

Here’s How To Reset Filter Light On LG Portable Air Conditioner:

Step 1: By pressing the power button on the control panel, turn on the LG portable air conditioner.

Step 2: Find the control panel. It can be present on the top or bottom of the unit. Various buttons are displayed on it. Filter light is displayed with the name “clean filter”.

It is turned on to remind the user that the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. The control panel turns on when the clean filter light turns on.

Step 3: Locate the temperature buttons on the control panel. Read the filter button display and get familiarized with it. Locate the temperature button too.

Step 4: After locating the temperature buttons, hold them after pressing them for a few seconds. It will start the process of filter reset.

Step 5: The filter light blinks when you are holding the temperature buttons for a few seconds. Hold the button for some time until the filter light turns off.

This action indicates that the filter light has been reset on the air conditioner. The indicator gives a summary of the performance of the air conditioner.

It is displayed as a “Clean filter” on the control panel. Turn off the unit, remove the filter from the air conditioner, and clean it.

Step 6: When the filter light turns off, release the filter button.

Make sure that the filter light does not blink after that or has been turned off completely to start the reset process. Clean the filter, wait for it to dry, and place it back.

There you will find that the clear filter light will remain on which means that the clean filter light does not indicate whether the filter is clean or dirty. This is because you need to reset the clean filter light.

Resetting the filter light ensures that the filter light has been reset successfully. The unit needs to be reset after you have pressed the temperature buttons.

This can also be done if you press the increase button or decrease button on the control panel at the same time.

Why Should the Filter Light be Reset?

It is a mandatory step to reset the filter light as it ensures the maintenance of the air conditioner. It should be reset as it is a timely reminder that the filter should be cleaned or replaced.

It is crucial for the proper operating system of the unit. Dirty filters obstruct the airflow, causing the unit to work harder to cool down the room. Resetting ensures efficient cooling and energy savings.

The longevity of the air conditioner can be preserved and costly repairs can be avoided by resetting the filter light on time.

The clean filter light turns on regardless of the fact in which mode the air conditioner is working at that moment.

To remind you to clean the filter, the light turns on every 250 hours.

It reminds you that your filters should be cleaned every 2 weeks. Once the clean filter is reset, the internal timer is reset again and the light will turn on after 250 hours.


The filter light on the LG air conditioner can be reset by pressing and holding the temperature buttons for a few seconds.

Resetting the filter light helps maintain the performance of the air conditioner. It improves indoor air quality and prolongs lifespan.

Efficient cooling, energy saving, and a comfortable environment can be enjoyed or achieved by resetting the filter light on time.


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