How To Make A Portable Air Conditioner Colder?

Portable air conditioners are the best solution to cool down your house but sometimes they also have abnormal results. It mostly happens if the temperature outside is high. So, discover how to make your portable air conditioner colder with these effective techniques.

External factors such as temperature can lower the efficiency of portable air conditioners, which already have limitations in their performance.

The efficiency of the air cooler can be increased by following a few simple steps

How to Make a Portable Air Conditioner Colder 

how to make an air conditioner run colder

Here’s how to make a portable air conditioner colder to cool down a room quickly and combat high humidity levels.

Clean the Air Filters:

If the portable air conditioner is not providing enough cooling, the first thing to do is clean the air filters. If the air filters are dirty, they can obstruct the airflow because of the dust and dirt.

Dust or dirt in the air filters clogged them and stopped the free airflow. It can lower the efficiency of the cooling power of air conditioners. Unplug the unit and power of the system.

Remove the plastic grills so that air filters from the air conditioner can be removed. Remove the dust and dirt from the air filters with the help of a mixture of water and detergent in a water bottle.

Rinse the air filters with the water. After cleaning the air filters, let them dry. Put the filters back in their place.

Set the Exhaust Air Hose: 

You use an exhaust hose to vent the hot air outside the room. The air conditioner takes the hot air from the room, cools it down, and returns it to the room.

When the hot air is left inside the air conditioner it is vented through an exhaust hose outside the room. Because of the kinks the air is leaking outside the hose.

The exhaust hose should be shorter in size so that hot air does not remain inside it. Otherwise, it will cause humidity in the pipe. Make sure the discharge outside the house is not blocked.

Seal the Air Leaks:

A vent hose is used to exhaust hot air outside the room. If there is any leak in the exhaust hose, the hot air does not go outside the room.

It gets back to the room and is mixed with cool air. The air conditioner has to do more hard work to remove that hot air from the room which affects the cooling efficiency of it.

Seal the leaks of the hose with duct tape so that no air comes out of the leaks. Foil tape can also be used to seal the leaks.

Close the Doors and Windows:

Air conditioners have a limited capacity to cool down the room. If the doors and windows are open, the air conditioner can’t cool down the room effectively.

To improvise the cooling power of the air conditioner, close the window and doors of the room so that no hot air comes into the room and cool air does not go out of the room. Make your room as closed as possible.

Block Direct Sunlight: 

Sunlight can affect the cooling power of the air conditioner. Directing sunlight toward the room can generate a lot of heat within it.

Place all the curtains on the window and all the doors shut. If you do not have a curtain, you can block the sunlight with the help of the sheet.

Clear Air Path for Air Conditioner: 

When you are setting the location for the air conditioner, make sure that there should be enough space for clear airflow.

It should have ample clearance in the front and behind. Cold air should have an open path toward the center of the room. Find a new location if there is any obstruction in the airflow.

Use a Fan:

If the air conditioner is not providing enough cool air, place a fan near it to circulate the cool air.

It is also helpful in regulating the disturbed airflow and providing a cool and comfortable environment.

Insulate the Room: 

Insulation of the room is an important activity that affects the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. It will help to minimize the heat transfer. Poor installation will not help reduce heat from the room.

Air conditioners have their limitations in terms of cooling capacity. If you require a significantly cooler temperature in the room or to cool a larger place, you need to consult a professional.


The efficiency of the air conditioner can be affected by obstructed airflow, dirty filters, and blocked vent hoses. You need to clean the air filters and shorten or straighten the vent hose so that it causes no humidity.

A fan can be used to circulate the cool air in the room. With all of these activities, you can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and it creates more cooling effect in the room.

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