How Long Does It Takes to Install HVAC System?

The length of time needed for an HVAC installation can differ based on various aspects.

Commonly it takes about 3 to 5 days as per our research but can vary depending on the factors mentioned in this article.

It might be difficult even for a professional to give you an approximate duration without initially examining your premises and the installation location.

The following elements may impact the time required:

  • Property size
  • Type of installation (e.g., simple change-out, ductwork replacement)
  • HVAC unit type
  • Installation location

Property Size & Installation Time.

Examining the size of the property is also one of the most important factors affecting the duration of an HVAC system installation.

As expected, larger properties require larger HVAC units, and in some cases, multiple units.

Therefore, the timespan for installation will be longer.

Installation Time & Timespan Simple Change-Out.

If the installation requires a simple system change-out, it will take less time than if it’s a vital ductwork replacement or a full system replacement.

In a change-out, all necessary equipment is already in place from the previous unit, and the installation could take as little as one day.

Full HVAC System Installation.

If ductwork replacement or a full HVAC system installation is necessary, the installation will take longer than a simple change-out.

The technician may have to replace the ductwork or rewire the thermostat, among other potential complications.

Therefore, the timespan for a full installation is difficult to determine but typically takes three to five days.

HVAC Unit Type & Installation Time.

Different HVAC unit types are available for installation, and this can impact the time required for installation.

For instance, a traditional central air conditioning unit will take longer to install than a mini-split system for a full system installation.

Installation Location & Timespan.

It is wise to plan for a longer installation time in some cases, particularly for condos or high-rise buildings where the location of the installation can impact the installation timespan.

A crane may be necessary to lift the HVAC unit onto the rooftop for installation in these situations.

A lot of HVAC companies have additional technicians for larger installation procedures, but the use of a crane can still result in extended installation times.

Final Verdict.

So our final verdict will be that it becomes a bit problematic to give an estimated time without examining the details.

Such as what is the size of the property, what kind of installation type is required, another factor is the installation of just a simple HVAC unit change or a full HVAC system.

The type of HVAC system as well and lastly the location where it needs to be installed.

After examining this only an HVAC professional can give his final verdict that how long will it take.

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